Saturday, February 19, 2005


Stolen US vs. Stolen Iraqi Election

The delaying of the announcement of Iraqi election results seems to be taking place to "readjust" the real results to favor United States' choices for candidates. Also, this delay seems to be making the American public forget about the elections for the most part, after massive media coverage when they occurred. After our elections, activist groups and independent researchers tried to get to the bottom of the major discrepancies in exit polling as compared to the final tally. There were also thousands of cases of voter suppression and vote machine "malfunction" that were documented and brought forth by these concerned and good citizens, only to be swept under the rug by a rubber stamp Congress.

We did not see any massive outpouring of protest here like we saw after the Ukrainian elections, which were actually held again. Personally, I don't think the Iraqis are going to take tainted election results and "get over it". They are already engaged in an anti-occupation insurgency and in a fighting mentality, so a stolen Iraqi election will be just one more log into the fireplace of discontent and injustice. Meanwhile, their American "liberators" go about their daily lives like a drugged pack of sheep, willing to let the criminals who stole their government operate with impunity.

One of the reasons for attacking Iraq was supposedly to bring them "freedom and democracy". If the election results are not honored, if they are changed to suit US corporate needs, then we have shown once again that our justifications for attacking are totally false and misleading. It is ironic that we would attack a nation to "free" them, when it is the Iraqi people who are the ones who are really trying to free themselves while the compliant American public, which isn't really free as attested to by the unilateral machinations of the Bush administration as well as a two stolen elections, sits back in the thought that they are actually freeing Iraqis! This is such a gross misperception.

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