Saturday, January 08, 2005


Gore, Kerry Threatened With Wellstone Episode?

One explanation I can come up with for Al Gore's nonparticipation and John Kerry's concession in the 2004 election is that both of them got threats from some covert group working for the War Party in DC. In Kerry's case, you have to wonder why the man was the candidate in the first place, inexplicably rushing past Howard Dean in the Iowa caucuses and never looking back. Howard Dean would have made President Bush look like the clueless man he is alot more than Kerry bothered too. I believe that this is why Kerry, with help from some of Bush's covert vote stealers and media hounds, grabbed the democratic candidacy as easily as he did. It seems that Kerry was the designated loser by the hidden government, someone it could trust to not make too many waves. Kerry's quick concession certainly indicates this possibility.

The irony to all this is that the Democratic Party had about ten candidates to the Republicans' one incumbent candidate, yet all of the former candidates were FAR MORE QUALIFIED to lead this nation than Bush. Did vote fraud also give John Kerry his candidacy? I believe it did, along with a blessing from the pro-Bush media. It was a fraud dress rehearsal for the November election. Bush, Rove and Co. knew which candidate(Kerry or Dean) would best give the appearance of a fair election yet have more things in his past to distort in a smear campaign. Dean was the far brighter of the two men and they did not want a head-to-head showdown with someone with organizing genius! Anyone who can get himself elected running against the War Party risks personal harm or even death, and this is no exaggeration! The Kennedys found this out in the 60's! Ronald Reagan found out in 1981 while he WAS president, barely escaping an assassination attempt that was never investigated in the least.

As it turned out, Kerry DID beat Bush but had it stolen by vote fraud. Bush and Rove underestimated the amount of anger and frustration of American voters who voted for the second best Democratic candidate available, John Kerry. When I heard about Kerry's concession, my first impression, my gut feelings, was that something was definitely not right and out of whack of the natural political chain of events. Under the circumstances, Kerry by all rights should have waited until ALL votes had been accounted for and/or all cases of apparent fraud and/or machine malfunction investigated. Kerry would have had the support of the majority of Americans, I am sure, but his concession only will make it that much harder to crack the collective conscience of this nation, especially now that he will be seen as a quitter by his own party.

Either Kerry is a wolf in sheep's clothing, or he was threatened, along with family members, with harm or even death! Anyone who thinks that many events in this nation are not orchestrated to hide the real power players is sadly naive. Kerry's concession did not make any sense at all considering all that had happened up to that point. This is like someone walking 5000 miles for a drink of water and then giving it to someone. A normal politician with any balls and integrity would have NOT conceded like Kerry did!


Next Election Tax Return Day?

Many if not most Americans are frustrated and angered that George Bush and his merry group and anti-democratic thugs apparently stole another election on November 2. What is to stop these power-hungry monsters from retaining power in 2008 by simply inserting another Bush-like puppet in the Oval Office? Right now, I see nothing at all that can stop this fascist train that screeching across the American landscape and has its eyes set on the natural resources of other nations. I see hard times ahead for the American people who want a government that represents their interests, not just the interests of the rich and powerful. There IS a trickle down effect in place in this government, but the sound of trickling is Bush and Co. urinating on the American public!

There IS a way to bring this insanity to a stop, and I believe the right to activate this technique is spelled out in the Constitution. It will come down to a showdown between the Constitution(Supreme Court) and those that either ignore it or distort its meaning to favor their greedy and anti-civil rights agendas. With Bush in the process of stacking the Supreme Court with like-minded people(something that all presidents have done to one degree or another) who would turn back decades of civil rights legislation, the rulings may not look rosy to people who strictly adhere to the Constitution and its checks on tyranny.

What is this technique that can possibly bring down the War Party fascists in Washington DC? It is quite simple- if you feel that this government is not representing the interests of the American people, then refuse to pay your taxes! Put your money where your convictions lie, or in this case, DONT put your money there. If enough Americans, like millions, can take a courageous step against tyranny, it is going to be hard for the government hatchet men to deal with the problem. It will be like a strike against the American government. Also, if enough people refuse to "render unto Caesar" the media will eventually be pressured to report more truths to the public.

We can go out and protest our asses off in the streets, but what does this really accomplish? 1) It further infuriates the naive ignorant suckers who blindly support this president 2) it gives the appearance to the world that, yes indeed, there IS democracy in America because people can actually protest without being gunned down(yet) and 3) It gives the government a rebuttal point that always seems to carry the day and is the final word, thanks to a totally complicit media. Refusing to pay taxes to this illegal and criminal government cuts to the core of the issue. It let's the government know that Americans are aware that they are nothing more than tax slaves!

Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in 1865. What is it going to take to free the American tax slaves in the new millennium? Americans are going to have to be prepared to commit acts of civil disobedience, NONVIOLENT acts, to turn the tide back to what America is really supposed to stand for at home and around the world- a true beacon of freedom and democracy, not fascism and corporate piracy.


President As Coward

President Bush and those who "elected" him have shown that they value war more than peace. Certainly the devastation of human life in Iraq can only naturally trigger an outpouring of rebellion and retaliation against the occupation forces. It remains to be seen how many acts of vengeance will take innocent American lives in the years ahead right here in the states and abroad. Bush has opened up a Pandora's box of retaliation, proving that he is not concerned about Iraqis OR Americans, just his big corporate associates who reap massive profits on the suffering of others.

John Lennon once sang "give peace a chance" and that message screams to be heard more today than ever before. "Men" like Bush who go along with the military strike-at-anyone-who-gets-in-your-way philosophy are not real men, but cowards in my view. To stand for peace in a time when people are frenzied up for war and killing takes enormous amounts of courage. Those who embrace peace leave open the possibility that one day we may heal the wounds that drive our "enemies" to hate us. Resorting to violence and war only creates more enemies and gives justification to whatever acts the enemy uses to hurt us.

I am ashamed of America today. While we go about our business of partying, going to football games and just generally rolling in the materialistic muck that corporations drug us with, innocent people are slaughtered in faraway places by American troops. When I see someone smiling I have to wonder why and how, and I usually realize that most Americans are not even aware of the atrocities "their" troops commit towards less fortunate people. This helps me keep my sanity, even though I am sure that many Americans still revel in seeing others killed by our troops, It seems to give them a feeling of superiority in that they can deal with the "bad" guys of the world from the safety of their living rooms.

Sure, there WERE insurgents in Fallujah, but can we be certain as propagandized Americans that ALL avenues of a negotiated deal were explored? In the run-up to the attack on Iraq, there was actually an Iraqi peace contingent working on a settlement. Can we actually believe anything that this criminal government tells us anymore? Even in the Branch Davidian "standoff" in Waco a decade ago it became apparent that the government forces surrounding the compound kept the people inside incommunicado from the world, weaving a tale that made Americans believe that the eventual destruction and death of men, women and children was justified or accounted for under the "circumstances".

Bush and his group of corporate/zionist/religious right doltheads will someday pay for the hell they have put people through. What goes around comes around. I remember an ad for some big brother program years ago that stated that "it takes a man to stoop down to a child". The thugs inhabiting our top levels of government will not "stoop down" to see what angers our enemies, choosing the easy way out of destruction and death. These are not men, but pathetic cowards!


Allawi The Village Idiot

---Iraq's interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi called the bombardment of Fallujah "a victory", but referred to the fears of a spiralling humanitarian crisis. "The civilians were really spared. There are no casualties among civilians. The troops followed instructions precisely," said Allawi.
Residents have been without water, electricity and food supplies for five days as fights intensified on the city's streets.---

Is this dolt-head serious? Does he expect the world to believe this line of malarkey? How could ALL civilians have been spared in the relentless bombing and search and destroy campaign of United States forces? There have already been numerous documented stories of civilians being killed, including seventeen doctors and nurses trying to cross the Euphrates River to aid people in Fallujah. I suppose Mr. Allawi considers anyone who allows himself to be killed in Fallujah, regardless of the circumstances, as an "insurgent".

Personally, I really do think that Allawi and Co.'s days as puppets for Bush Murder Inc. are numbered. Either he will be assassinated by his own people or the CIA, as in the case of South Viet Namese president Diem in 1963, will "disappear" him, replacing him with the next in line to carry out atrocities against their own people. Mr. Allawi may be sincere in his aspirations for the people of Iraq, but by allowing himself to be guided by the Americans, as he must to retain his office, he is cancelling out whatever positives he can bring forth in the current situation.

The bombing of Fallujah cannot in any humane sense be considered a victory. History will remember the onslaught on defenseless civilians, along with insurgents, in the same light as the Luftwaffe destruction of European cities in WW2. By sacrificing his fellow countrymen to prove his worth to Bush and the Zionists, he and his fellow Iraqi interim rulers will be placed alongside the Vichy government, Frenchmen who ruled over their own for the Nazis during WW2.

No, Mr. Allawi. The attack on Fallujah, savage and ruthless as it was, was NOT an occupational force success. It has only served to further ignite anti-occupational sentiment and anger in Iraq. In this sense it is only a success for the insurgent movement. Your days are numbered, caught between a duplicitous government that uses people and then destroys them(Saddam being a prime example), and the Iraqi people who want their hands around your sellout neck!


Bush/Rove Big Lie Technique

Hitler once said something to the effect that "the bigger the lie the more people will believe it". It seems that Bush and Rove are relying on this same thesis concerning voter fraud accusations, not to mention just about every other thing this administration has done. If there were just a few cases of vote fraud and voter machine irregularities, it would be cast aside as just "one of those things" and this would be easy for the people to accept.

The amount of voter fraud accusations and evidence being collected will be even harder for the duped American public to believe OR accept.. The more massive the claims of voter fraud, the more people will tend to assign them to "conspiracy theorists". What will have to happen is similar to Watergate- the process of investigating and prosecuting will have to start with the foot soldiers of the Bush fraud mafia and work its way up the ladder. When enough cards have fallen below, the whole house of cards will start to crash down! Don't count on this Congress, however, to do the work that the Watergate Committee did. It will do everything in its power(at least the GOP hacks will) to keep Bush under cover.

It is going to take a few major media outlets to start reporting the authenticity and seriousness of the situation. The Washington Post dug into the Watergate scandal until President Nixon was forced to resign, even though I still believe that Nixon was set up by the CIA and Pentagon.(Silent Coup, The Removal of a President, by Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin, 1991) It may take the same thing to get rid of Bush, but the powers that steer him, the same powers that left Nixon out to dry, will remain. If the American people cannot prosecute found cases of vote fraud, then we as supposed citizens in a "democracy" should boycott any and all elections until the problems are cleared up and verified by a citizen's committee not tied to the government!


Bush/Blair BS

From ABC News-
-In Washington, President Bush met with his top ally in the war, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and warned that with Iraqi elections approaching, "the desperation of the killers will grow and the violence could escalate." But he said victory in Iraq would be a blow to terrorists everywhere. -

Desperation? Killers? Terrorists? These three words fit the occupational forces far better than the Iraq insurgency! When are these dolt-heads going to realize that the Iraqi people DO NOT WANT Americans/British orchestrating their national affairs? Who is REALLY desperate here? The actions of the US military in Fallujah are the acts of a desperate killer. They are actions of a killer. They are actions of terrorism. Bush and Blair, two men from affluent and almost royal backgrounds, certainly cannot understand that Iraqis are human beings and cannot be forced around like animals in a feed lot. Iraq has been unjustly attacked and treated in a most inhumane manner.

The insurgents are NOT terrorists! When a nation is unjustly attacked and people fight the attacker/occupier, they are NOT terrorists! They are freedom fighters. Of course, even the term "freedom fighters" can be turned around by a nation like the United States. The Reagan administration illegally supported the Contras in Nicaragua in the 1980's as "freedom fighters" against the Sandinista regime, but evidence has shown that the Contras used a campaign of brutal terror against innocent Nicaraguans. Between Nicaragua and Iraq, then, it would seem like a fair definition of "terrorist" would be the party that cannot accept the will of the people and wage acts of terrorism to try and herd the people their way. This fits the United States government to a tee!

Occupational forces have no business in Iraq, other than the prospects of massive earnings off of Iraq's natural resources. The inability of the United States to handle its economy wisely is spilling Iraqi and Afghanistani blood. The United States attacked Iraq on phony and distorted premises and the only conclusion that any fair-minded person can come to is that every act of aggression against Iraqis from this point on is just an add-on to the original war crime of March, 2003. Americans are going to have to realize that the world DOES NOT WANT and IS TIRED of the tough-guy side of American foreign policy and that compassion towards others is a sign of STRENGTH, not WEAKNESS! If Bush wants to ever win a popularity contest in the world, as he recently stole here in the states, he had better heed to this advice.


God Won The Election?

Re: Evangelicals are crediting God with securing re-election victory for Bush

The problem with these so-called religious right people is that they seem to have completely forgotten that this nation was founded because our forefathers escaped religious intolerance in England and came to the new world, which is now these United(?) States. Unfortunately, that same religious intolerance seems to be catching up with us again, only this time Americans who want to escape have really no other "new world" to escape to.

Yes, my little revolutionary wannabes, it is up to us to somehow open up people's minds to what is REALLY happening in the world. The movie "The Matrix" doesn't seem so fictional now! Americans are locked into a propagandic stupor. The version of events presented to them by the media is no less fictional than the "Wizard of Oz". People do not want to admit that they have been suckered, but my fellow Americans, George Bush and his merry minions of propagandists are suckering Americans big-time.

The religious right(whatever they're called) is having a field day while being suckered at the same time. Try to tell one of them that Bush is a liar and a murderer . . . you might get attacked. But this is a factual statement that we can all show to be true if only given the chance by these close-minded it's-ok-to-bomb-heathen-peoples Jesus freaks. When Christ was dying on the cross, he implored God the Father to forgive those who had persecuted him, for they "know not what they do."

I suppose a by-the-book Christian would forgive Bush for his murderous policies, because he "knows not what he does", but I can't accept that any good "Christian" can ascribe to policies that not only endanger human life, but eliminate it.

Karl Marx wrote that religion is the "opiate of the masses." George Bush has given his "moral" followers a real good chunk of opium


Major Overlooked 911 Issue

"As details of the passengers on the four hijacked flights emerge, some are shown to have curious connections to the defense company Raytheon, and possibly its Global Hawk pilotless aircraft program (see 1998 (D) and August 2001).
*Stanley Hall (Flight 77) was director of program management for Raytheon Electronics Warfare. One Raytheon colleague calls him "our dean of electronic warfare." [AP, 9/25/01]

*Peter Gay (Flight 11) was Raytheon's Vice President of Operations for Electronic Systems and had been on special assignment to a company office in El Segundo, Calif. [AP, 9/25/01] Raytheon's El Segundo's Electronic Systems division is one of two divisions making the Global Hawk. [ISR Journal, 3/02]

*Kenneth Waldie (Flight 11) was a senior quality control engineer for Raytheon's electronic systems.

*David Kovalcin (Flight 11) was a senior mechanical engineer for Raytheon's electronic systems. [CNN, 9/01]

*Herbert Homer (Flight 175) was a corporate executive working with the Department of Defense. [CNN, 9/01, Northeastern University Voice, 12/11/01]

Raytheon employees with possible links to Global Hawk can be connected to three of the four flights. There may be more, since many of the passengers' jobs and personal information have remained anonymous.

Seems like Global Hawk was presenting some sort of demonstration on 9-11-2001 that went terribly awry? Maybe wiping out these mainstays of the Global Hawk technology was a good way to coverup Global Hawk involvement from the get-go of the coverup? This sounds eerily familiar with all of those scientists involved with biological weapons programs to suddenly "die" after 9-11. And speaking of wiping out professional who can talk, what about all those firefighters in the Trade Centers, who if allowed leave the building BEFORE the demolition of the buildings, would have related the TRUTH about the inside damage to the buildings? Then there is the "healthy" air that the cleanup workers had to breathe every night and day, poisonous dust that filled the air, despite claims by the Bush administration that the air was healthy to breathe.

Does anyone see a pattern of kill-the-prime-witnesses here? What better way to cover up a crime, right? First we had the Clinton Death List, and now we will get the encore presentation, Bush Death List. United States is certainly an interesting and varied nation. Not only can knowledge enlighten you here, it can also get you killed!


Rumsfeld's Distortions

At Don Rumsfeld's news conference today, he made this statement-

``Listen these folks are determined. These are killers They chop people's heads off. They're getting money from around the world. They're getting recruits,'' Rumsfeld said.

All four things that Rumsfeld listed fit the Americans to a tee. 1) Americans are killing innocent Iraqis(not the other way around). 2) The beheading videos(certainly the first impression-forming ones) were in all likelihood created by occupational black ops. 3) Our administration gets all the money it wants and also attacks other nations to steal their oil. 4) As far as far as "terrorist" recruitment goes, the Bush administration is the best recruiter terrorism ever had! The main tool of this administration is to accuse someone else of something that they are guilty of, and blatantly so. With a dumb and dumber American audience, it is very easy for Rumsfeld and Co. to do this. Take the onus of your own guilt by accusing someone else of the same thing.

You are lying piece of fascist excrement Donny Boy! Hitler and Goebbels are raising a toast to you in Hell tonight. You should be so proud! Your words kill millions and cause suffering to those who survive. If Americans could see you for what you really are, there would be no safe place for you to hide. Many young people, fine young upstanding people who would be great future leaders of our nation, are being wasted in your ridiculous war games.

Get the #@$! out of Iraq and let the Iraqi people get back to the way they were before we attacked them. Saddam must be a sweet memory now for these people. They would gladly embrace him again, knowing that it takes a tough iron-fisted leader to rule a nation when that nation has a gun pointed to its head by the United States. Being threatened by foreign violence is not something that Americans have a monopoly on. Just ask Fidel Castro. No father is going to let his daughter go on a date with a psychopathic rapist!

Bush, Rumsfeld, Ridge, whoever is great at lying to the public for Bush Team, will become prime time players now that they get their weekly special, "Cops With B-52's". The American public will be tickled to death that we are taking care of those evil "terrorists" over there on the other side of the planet. They are just so blanking shielded from that horror in Iraq- they don't have a clue what its like to see people torn apart, your own family torn apart, by bombs and gunfire. The prime time players will keep them comfortably numb, yet just scared enough with a fake terror warning now and then. You can't appreciate the security until you feel threatened, right?

I think I know why many people are fascinated with Bush. He seems to actually enjoy being in command over death. His face is so lit up and energetic when our troops are murdering Iraqis in cold blood. Many Americans seem to share this grotesque fetish with their president. The more innocent civilians that we kill, the more immune to guilt we become. The more arrogant and fascist we become. Someone or Something has got to pull the plug on this show. The world is not ready for these crazed prime time players!


Tony The Liar

"The secretary general in his letter said the Iraqi elections were the keystone of progress in Iraq. That is true. It is true also that he went on to express reservations about the action in Fallujah," Mr Blair said. "It is important we retain the moral high ground in fighting for elections in Iraq but part of us doing that is to keep emphasising [that] if the terrorists were to stop the elections would go forward. Why do the terrorists fear elections? Because they know that, given the chance, Iraqis would reject extremism and fanaticism."

Does Tony Blair actually think that the "terrorists" care about Iraqi elections? The "terrorists" are fighting the people who will stage biased and phony elections, for sure, but after what has been inflicted on Iraqis by the United States and Britain, does he actually feel that stopping the elections is the main motive for "terrorists"? Talk about a distortion of the truth . . . a total lie!

Why don't we have an Iraqi election TODAY and the first question on the ballot should be- "Do you want occupational forces to leave Iraq?" Obviously, the Iraqi people would overwhelmingly vote "Yes" on this one, but the results would be tampered with, just as they are in the United States, to further the agenda of the occupation. Even if the results weren't tampered with and the Iraqi people voted to expel occupational forces, the mandate would certainly not be respected. Black ops would just have to come up with some event to justify keeping the occupation's boot on the Iraqis' collective neck!

100,000 dead Iraqis and counting and Tony Blair wants us to think that he is concerned about fairness in elections for the Iraqis? Have the US/Britain forces done anything fair yet for Iraq? Why should we be made to believe that anything is ever going to change in this regard? England has to get rid of Tony Blair. He is an unmitigated liar in the same league as George Bush and Co. The Iraqi elections are going to be the most farcical ones in the history of mankind!


US Political Infighting Lethal To The World

The wars that the United States has fought since World War 2 have been nothing more than collateral damage from political competition for the White House. That political competition has centered its arguments around one thing that has never gone away- terrorism: how do we deal with terrorism? Right after World War 2 that "terrorism" was embodied in the Soviet Union and the threat of godless communism encroaching upon the world. The world became divided into two camps- the "free" world and the communist-bloc nations. In World War 2 the Soviet Union lost over 20 million people to the Nazi onslaught, far more thasn any other nation. Yet, before World War 2 was over, with the demise of Germany in plain sight, the United States, Britain and China were already plotting the postwar enemy for the "free" world, and that enemy was to be their ally in battle, the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union would replace Japan and Germany as the enemies, the "terrorists" of the United States.

This red-menace terrorism worked for about 40 years until the break up of the Soviet Union. In the Cold War, politicians here in the states had to work their policies around this most salient "threat", the Soviet Union. The post- World War 2 demonization of it served the purpose as a political tool, but it also lead to the deaths of thousands of our young men in Korea and Viet Nam, battles that were waged to supposedly stop the threat of communism. What it all came down to was if a candidate for office or politician discounted the threat posed by communism, he himself was practically branded a communist and trounced in any election. The public certainly voted for candidates that were big on stomping out the Red Menace, something that kept them in constant fear.

Nothing has really changed except that now the global menace is the "terrorist", or more specifically, the Arab fundamentalist terrorist. Just like in the Cold War, campaign issues and rhetoric gravitate around the issue of how America deals with terrorists, instead of communists. This political infighting spills over into United States violence on our alleged enemies abroad as politicians try to outdo the other in terms of how ruthless they can be to the enemy. This is sort of like two boys fighting for a girl's affection at school. She tells them that she likes a guy who knows how to handle himself in fights. To impress her, the two pick on some poor innocent nerd in the playground.

It is a sad shame indeed that the key issues that most directly affect United States citizens are always drowned out by this macho contest between candidates about something that is a total delusion to begin with! I will admit that there are always possible enemies of the United States, but with a military of the caliber of our nation, far surpassing that of any other nation, we should be less fearful of other nations attacking us, and more fearful of our own leaders! This political infighting about U.S. security has led to millions of deaths around the world as a result of military actions carried out mainly for political reasons(even though the public will always believe that the attack is justified on national security grounds). Saddam Hussein had absolute power in Iraq and did not have to prove his inclination to batter enemies against another political foe. He may have been ruthless to his own people(as our own leaders are being now to anyone who disagrees with their policies!), but this situation alone made him less of a threat to other nations!

As long as the "terrorist" threat is used to scare people into flocking to one candidate or the other, we will witness the gross display of violence perpetrated on innocent nations by politicians trying to be El Politico Machismo, El Gran Protector. Americans have to see past this delusion of imminent threat before they will ever begin to treat the real issues and problems that affect our lives. They will have to be de-programmed to not accept war as the only solution to their fears. We will probably need some more Gandhis, and Kings and Malcolm X,s, people to open our eyes to the cowards we have become. We will all have to strive to believe that peace and the maintenance of peace on this planet have always taken infinite amounts of more courage than waging war on innocent defenseless human beings!


Bush The Distractor

Since President George Bush is realistically a front-man for the big boys his dad lets him play with, shouldn't we be looking past this moronic wimp and at the people around him? You can rest assured that the backdoor perpetrators of the abduction of our democracy will be there.

Bush is nothing more than a Curly-like(3 stooges) character to make his fans adore and laugh in admiration, especially when he lets those bad guy "terrorists" have it a good one. Most(?) Americans are outraged at the very thought of Bush, but this is a convenient distraction for the power-grabbers around him.

If we removed Bush by impeachment, or worse yet, the president took sick and had to be replaced by Cheney for awhile, we might get a closer look at the monster's guts. I suppose ALL presidents are front men for the powers that put them there. It's just that the powers that steer El Presidente del estado de Texas are getting a little too bully for mankind.

Father Bush gave his son Georgie a big toy when he gave him the presidency. Now what we are seeing is a spoiled little not-too-bright rich brat abusing that toy, like a rich teen going 150 mph in a brand new ferrari, blowing up the engine. He is deluded into believing that he is actually in charge of the White House.

It works out so well for the Bush's- Daddy Bush continues to reap massive profits from oil/war interests while his son gets to play with the executive office, believing that he is El Macho Mission Accomplished! Should I be the one to tell George he is being made a fool of, and his powerful Daddy is letting him burn at the stake? Oh well, guess that's why rich people are rich- they're willing to sacrafice others to make a buck. George will be pissed if and when he realizes this I'm sure!

And the feudal subjects get poorer and more raggedy every day!


America Painted Coward Red

Looking at the voting map for the United States(Republican Red and Democratic Blue) I am struck at how a nation can back a man that has repeatedly lied and misrepresented the American people. This reminds me of the early immigrants to this nation, who moved into swarming ghettos and "donated" to local mafiosos for their own personal protection. Bush and the Republican Party have lied and cheated their way once again. They have intimidated Americans with unfounded threats of terrorism and a total media coverup of their disastrous policies.

Most Americans seem willing to look past the alleged corruption that Bush represents and embrace the Great Protector image that the Bush campaign fosters. When Americans lose the ability to think reasonably because of government intimidation, then we have what you call totalitarianism, not democracy. This election, like many before it, has been decided by fear, hate and ignorance of the American electorate. The elite powerful few that own the mainstream media in this nation are all Republican supporters because the elitist policies of George Bush take from the common man and give to the rich. Like a pied piper, the mainstream media has once again ignored all signs of voter fraud and irregularities that favor Bush and instead rolled out a red carpet for his eventual coronation.

The media has ignored the lies that got us involved in an illegal and immoral war against innocent civilians in Iraq. The media has covered up the corruptive nature of this administration. In short, the media has laid down stones in the pond of democracy for George Bush to step over without getting wet! True democracy seems abhorrent to this unelected tyrant, witness the many cases of election fraud and irregularities that have plagued this election from the start. If these irregularities were allegedly carried out by the Democratic Party do you think the Republicans would take it sitting down?

Election 2004, like many before it, was nothing more than a herding of sheep in my book. Enough Americans are mislead, misinformed and just plain scared to cast a vote for a President that thrives on these things in people. There is no appeal to reason anymore, only to the cowardly and weak traits that threaten to drive this nation to the category of wimps and cowards giving their government carte blanche to make the rich richer and the powerful even more powerful. With this President and his abhorrent and inhumane policies we are headed straight for a ship wreck of vast proportions. I always wondered how the Germans allowed Hitler to gain such power- now I know! America has been painted coward red by George Bush and Co.


The Taking of America

Maybe this is an appropriate link for WRH readers in these troubled times:

The Taking of America 1-2-3 by Richard E. Sprague



American "Jews" In Iraq

Re: Thomas Friedman on Real Time With Bill Maher

Columnist/writer Thomas Friedman was interviewed on Real Time With Bill Maher Friday evening and was asked him about the situation where Iraqis are starting to call American troops “jews”. Friedman’s response seemed to fly over the heads of Maher and the audience, but he struck a nerve with me by stating that the “Iraqi people don’t know the Americans yet.”

Obviously the term “jew” is meant as a derogatory term by Iraqis, but the word could just as well be “zoogies” or “pricks” or “fart faces” . . . the point being that Iraqis despise American presence, regardless of what they call them. There is something extra to the Iraqis use of the term “jew”, however. Iraqis are by now aware, as are most other people on this planet outside the United States, who is really calling the shots in the Iraq war and USA Middle East policies. Apparently, the Iraqi people know the Americans better than the Americans know themselves!

Are the Iraqis supposed to forget about the first 18 months of the war because our behavior and actions against innocent people are not in the “American” image? Are we excused for not being ourselves, while thousands of innocents suffer and die? It’s more simple than that . . . This IS the American way and has been since the first colonists battled Indians for land and survival. Conquest is deeply ingrained in the American mind set and culture.

The Iraqis knew who we were BEFORE we attacked them in March, 2003, having suffered through 12 years of devastating and inhuman US-enforced sanctions that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands. They are more aware of our criminal government and its unholy alliance with oil corporations than we are. Most Iraqis, I am sure, are also aware that the American people are basically good people, but they have been deceived to go along with government actions and policies.

There is no excuse for US actions in Iraq. What’s done is done and that is how things should be judged. The responsible person accepts responsibility for his actions and by doing so learns from them. We cannot turn the clock back to March, 2003 and go from there, knowing what we do now. If Americans are too ignorant and non-caring about what their government is doing to other people in the world then that is what we are . . . not patriotic Americans or heroic Americans or humane Americans . . . Just plain ignorant and fooled and non-caring Americans and that is what we have to accept, just like an alcoholic admitting his addiction.

The Iraqis don’t know Americans yet? I think that should be worded “the Americans don’t know the Iraqis yet.” If American troops were truly dying for REAL democratic ideals, instead of just occupying a nation for the benefit of powerful corporations like Halliburton, I am sure the Iraqi people would have put up little or no resistance. How would Bush supporters feel if a foreign nation demonized their "hero" Bush and attacked our nation to replace him? I am sure they would not like it very much! They do not respect the true aspirations of Iraqis, most of whom had no problems at all with Saddam Hussein as their leader.


AIPAC Spying Carte Blanche

The recent spying scandal concerning Larry Franklin and the Pentagon was an issue that was avoided and not discussed by attendees of the AIPAC National Convention in Hollywood, Florida two weeks ago. From

"Some said the biggest vindication comes from the fact that no charges have yet been filed. The investigation appears to have stalled, if not faded away, according to sources close to AIPAC and in Congress."

Are these people serious? Does that mean a person is innocent, even though he was caught red-handed burning a house down, if the Justice Department and FBI do not investigate and let the case "fade away?" Unbelievable! American spend billions of tax dollars annually on intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the federal government and yet someone can spy, steal sensitive foreign policy documents and give them to a foreign government and the Bush administration(as previous administrations have done) pulls the rug out from under these same agencies? This is an abuse of government power! The investigation and any possible indictment, trial and punishment should fit the crime, regardless of who is being investigated.

If Arabs were caught spying on the United States, I would bet that the government would go out of its way to prosecute, even using trumped charges to frame innocent people. And yet, here we have an Israeli caught with his hand in the cookie jar, as have so many Israeli spies in these recent turbulent years, and all the Justice Department can do is let the cases "fade away". If we are to have unequal justice for Israelis and any other ethnic group in this nation, then the phrases "and justice for all" and "land of the free" are but hollow mantras for a misguided and brainwashed nation! This is legal discrimination at its worse.

I think that the only people who are going to have a chance at exposing the lopsided Israeli influence on American policies are the Jewish people themselves. Anyone else who tries to do this is branded "anti-semitic" in a by-now well-known knee-jerk response. Israel DOES have an undue amount of influence on our government's polices, especially when a spy like Larry Franklin, working out of an office in the Pentagon, goes scot free. If this doesn't point out the hypocrisy in our government nothing else will!


Osama The Charade

Evidence that has been unearthed since the 9-11-2001 attacks on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon overwhelmingly points in another direction than Osama Bin Laden as the perpetrator of these "terrorist" attacks. This alone should throw complete suspicion on the Bin Laden video released the other day since in it, Bin Laden takes credit for the attacks. Up until this video, Bin Laden had always denied being the puppet master behind 911. Unfortunately at this point in United States history, if the government created a digitally-created video of Lee Harvey Oswald admitting to JFK's assassination most, Americans would probably believe it!

Americans are wide open to lies and government/media manipulation of thought because they are woefully misinformed and uneducated about current and past events. In the past 30 years or so, children growing up in the nation have been "dis-informationalized" by our educational system into believing a revised history that favors the propagation of wars against the "bad guys" of the world. Sadly, this same "education" has targeted political forces and people here in the United States, much the same way Hitler in his rise to power scapegoated the Jews and rival political groups in Germany. Many young adults now do not have a clue that their government has lied its ass off, reacting to anyone who contends this by calling them "un-American".

Education is the key to Americans understanding and getting a perspective on what is happening in the world today, but unfortunately most seemed to fit into the category of brainwashed and are almost hopelessly beyond educating. This brainwashing has created a virulent strain of denial. When that lady spoke up at a rally with Laura Bush that the President had killed her son, was there a dialogue and an attempt to sort out the facts behind her contention? No . . . the crowd, in a knee-jerk response, started chanting "Four more years, four more years!" It could just as well have been "Sieg heil, seig heil!" because the facts of the matter do not matter anymore to diehard Bush followers, only the feelings of hatred and fear that the GOP/war complex can stir up against the rest of us and the world.

When the corruption and ruthlessness of this administration starts to encroach upon Bush's own blinded followers, then maybe the tide will start to swing enough to bring down these criminals that we call our leaders. I do believe that with each new lie that this administration springs upon Americans it will somehow come around and further chip away at its shaky credibility, until finally, as in Watergate, there will be enough critical mass to try Bush and Co. for what they truly are- war criminals! The Osama tape should prove once and for all who Bin Laden actually works for. He is a major player, once recruited by our own CIA as an anti-Soviet guerilla leader in Afghanistan, who is now part of the BushMob's vast "Terrorism Productions, Inc." People only have to remember one thing as they consider the Bin Laden video- which candidate profits by terrorism more, Bush or Kerry. The answer is quite obvious to me: "anti-terrorism" and security are the only planks Bush has left to stand, even though these planks, as we have seen these past four years, are delusionary and phony themselves!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Letting The Bush Train Crash

Most Americans are in a state of anxiety about the impending elections because of the blatant corruption and ruthlessness of this administration. Stealing an election will be easy pickings with the media as its guard dog and there will be nothing that the public will be able to do about it. Personally, I abide by the motto that "every man has a right to hang himself" and am quite sure that this current crop of corporate criminal politicians will get theirs in the end. The only question is how long it will take before this nation finally wakes up from the delusions that our government has brainwashed us with.

In 1972 Richard Nixon won reelection by using a severe dirty tricks campaign against his Democratic opponents, picking them of one by one. By 1974, however, exposed and disgraced by the Watergate scandal, Nixon resigned in disgrace. This would never have happened had it not been for the investigative aggressiveness of the Washington Post's Woodward and Bernstein. At the rate George Bush and his corporate-raider fraternity "good ol' boy" network is going, we may have armed insurrection before another Bush term is completed. Not only are many American citizens angered by Bush's policies, but so are men of high ranking in military, intelligence and law enforcement.

This may sound weird to some, but another Bush term may be a plus in the long run. As long as we have the Iran/Contra/BCCI/assassinations/anti-Castro/anti-democracy crowd in power in Washington we at least have a chance as citizens to expose their underhanded and immoral dealings to all Americans. If Bush loses the election, he will just go his merry way with all that he has stolen from hardworking Americans and NEVER be prosecuted for his crimes. The new focus will be shifted to John Kerry, who like Bush, will cater to the corporate powers and Israel. The damage has already been done many times over, so it doesn't matter at this point if he wins or loses. The biggest injustice is regardless of the election outcome, Bush and his minions of billionaire and millionaire and religious bigots who started an illegal and immoral war on an innocent and defenseless people will walk away scot free!

There has to be a national movement designed to bring ALL American leaders still alive who have presided over war crimes to justice. This movement should also target corporate corruption in steering the government to profit corporations, regardless of the human cost. Congressional leaders who have endorsed unconstitutional decrees should also be removed from office. There is so much unaccountability and corruption in our government now that a total overhaul of personnel may be necessary to clean house! The American people are going to have to start saying "No" to the powers that abuse our liberties. When a government is unaccountable to its supposed constituents, the represented have no other recourse than to NOT go along with its agendas, dissociating themselves from their corrupt leaders and system. We can all start this dissociation by saying "No" to their illegal wars, their phony elections, their unconstitutional taxation and their propagandic media umbrella. Just say "NO!"


Cheney and the Terror Button

Vice President Cheney wonders whether Kerry can deal with a terrorist attack? What about 911 and all the warnings that were ignored by Bush and Cheney? They KNEW a terrorist attack was VERY GOOD NEWS for those bent on an attack on Iraq, Afghanistan and our civil liberties!Actually the candidates which PROFIT by a terrorist attack are the ones you have to watch out for.

Besides, any president doing his normal duties can "deal" with terrorism since this role is relegated not to the president himself, but our intelligence, law enforcement, FBI and military, WHEN they are allowed to do their job properly, which this administration has constantly hindered! It seems to me that Cheney has his finger on the terrorist button and is prepared to press it if he needs a stampeding of terrified Americans to their "heroic" president. The wolves are scaring the sheep.


Hate Politics Rule America

President Bush is taking the Republican Party on a road that leads straight to a cliff, and at the rate it is traveling it will drive over it in the near future. The Bushes have commandeered the Republican Party for their own profitable use and are destroying it by abusing the most basic principles of American democracy. The Republican Convention in New York was nothing more than an orgy of hate and derision directed a anyone who disagrees with the policies of this administration.

President Bush, the man who campaigned as a uniter of the American people, has become the greatest divider of this nation probably since the Civil War. His "for us or against us" mentality has created a polarization of people in this nation instead of an open forum where issues are supposed to be discussed in a democratic manner. His bullying tactics remind me very much of Senator Joe McCarthy, the anti-communist pariah who led this nation through one of its worst nightmares in the 1950's, accusing anyone with even the slightest taint of liberalism as being a communist threat to this nation. McCarthy finally crashed before the nation's eyes as political leaders and Americans for the most part finally got tired of his hate and fear-mongering. He was censured by the Congress.

President Bush has created a schism between Democrats and Republicans by smearing anyone who disagrees with him in certain shades of un-Americanism. He seems to be totally unaware that the most basic right of Americans is the right to disagree and dissent from government policies. His actions and the policies of his administration are very foreign to the principles that this nation was founded upon. I suppose that when you are brought up in a wealthy environment , with massive political power at your beck and call, you do not develop a reverence for the rights of the people, just for what you can get away with with your inherited powerful and wealthy position in society. President Bush's actions show not only a disregard for the interests of the common American, but a DISDAIN!

History has shown, however, that socio/political movements based on hate and fear always get more isolated as time goes on as they get self-consumed by their own hatred. I am sure that Americans will eventually see the light once again and tire of Bush and Co.'s ceaseless hate and scare rhetoric. Unfortunately, before Americans are finally fed up with it, many lives will be harmed and/or destroyed. President Bush has only one card to play to stay in power, and that is appealing to the worst in people- their ignorance, their fears, their hatred, their bias- all the things that are cancerous to true democracy.


Party Politics At Work?

Party politics actually works, for the powerful . . . Democrats and Republicans are at each other's throats when we all should be pressuring this government to come clean. It works for the power players who keep us all enslaved in our petty little political differences. It looks like most Americans never got over high school! The government treats us like that, too, making sure we get our daily dosage of Laci Peterson to drug us from the realities that this government so brutally inflicts on a defenseless world! I am ashamed that so many Americans are so much in the dark. As far as literacy goes for current events, Americans are in the poorly-developed area of nations on this planet.

Party politics are an insult to the intelligence of the true and patriotic American who can see the criminality oozing from Washington DC. In my view, if there were enough really true and tried Americans who would stand up against this immorality, another movement could threaten the corporate-controlled power bases of the Democratic and Republican parties. Voting in the election nowadays is nothing more than an unknowing token of approval for the system, a system that has corrupted the very heart of democracy. The Dems and Repubs can fight to time immemorial but it is never going to alleviate the problems that we all face. Not until we can swallow our stupid party pride and start a mutual consideration of real information, not just libelous distortions of truth, will we ever be able to reclaim our promised place in American power!


Bush Is A Symptom

President Bush is not the ultimate problem in this nation. The ultimate problem is the total and shocking lack of awareness of the American people about past and current events. Americans have forgotten or don't know about their past. For instance, we are not aware that Viet Nam was a psy-war-instigated war which saw the United States try to install a corrupt and ruthless dictator, in the guise of a people's chosen leader, to gain a foothold of permanent dominance and colonialism of the Indochina peninsula. Sound familiar?

Americans for the most part do not know about the CIA machinations that steered the Vietnamese into two warring camps, but that is exactly what happened. Over one million North Viet Namese, mainly Catholics, immigrated to the south of Viet Nam as a result of a relentless CIA psy-war campaign that led people to believe a communist takeover and pogrom of Catholics(remember, French colonization of Viet Nam left many Viet Namese Catholics) was on the way. The CIA airlifted and shipped most of these migrants. Anyone interested in a good alternative(but very true!) assessment of the Viet Nam episode should read Fletcher Prouty's "The CIA, Viet Nam and The Plot To Assassinate John F. Kennedy."

What resulted was a gigantic influx of Viet Namese Catholics in the southern provinces who were favored by the American puppet Diem. Land confiscations and administrative appointments favored the recently-arrived migrants, triggering a backlash among the peasant population being uprooted. Peasants deprived of their meager land by a corrupt Diem regime, the US puppet, turned to banditry to survive. These banditry later became the Viet Cong in Americans' perceptions, so avidly illustrated by our compliant media. Today, Iraqis who fight against the illegal invasion and occupation of their nation are termed "insurgents" or even "terrorists". Nothing has really changed.

Americans are the ultimate problem in my book because in an age of informational and data explosion, they have no excuse NOT to be aware of the multitude of facts at their fingertips. The problem is they just don't care enough about the direction this nation is taking to take the time to do a little research on their own instead of gobbling down the nightly media fib gourmet. This why it takes tragedy to motivate these people to actually care somewhat, and then be more open to alternative perceptions and views about the world. Our government and media has slowly entranced this nation into an almost hopeless state of ignorance and naivete!

We have been materialistically corrupted as a society in that our conscientiousness about treatment towards the rest of the world has taken a back seat to the "comforts" that we have become addicted to in an over-materialtic society. Bush and Co. are but symptoms of a society that has let its government be stolen by ruthless and profit-motivated corporations!


A Solution For Fair Elections

Here are a few changes that might be implemented into the United States' election process to guarantee fairness-

1) First and foremost, people will NOT be required to register in any political party. This system now guarantees that we will always have a divided nation NOT focusing on the real issues that concern us all. It insures that the American people remain divided and conquered while the Republican and Democratic puppet masters serve their corporate handlers. Without a registered party affiliation, it will be more difficult for either party to target voters BECAUSE of their party registration and make the election a more nonpartisan race.

2) All Americans are eligible for a series of primary contests that will pare the final candidate count to a specific number. This will prevent a final presidential election with scores or hundreds of candidates, meaning that the possibility of a candidate with only 10-20% of the vote winning the election will be minimized. For instance, the candidate "ceiling" can be ten, meaning the ten candidates who acquire the most votes in primaries get to be put on the national election ballot.

3) Our Congress is a bipartisan venture. Our Supreme Court is supposed to be free from the grips of partisanship. Why not make the Executive branch a bipartisan branch, also? The taxpaying people of this nation should be the ones who appoint Executive branch members. Leaving this up to the winning presidential candidate only invites a compromising of the executive branch by powerful corporate interests. The presidential cabinet should have to get their jobs like everyone else on Capitol Hill- by election! This would more greatly ensure a "check and balance" within the executive branch itself and not leave the executive branch as the "check and balance" against the rest of us.

4) Probably the most important aspect of my plan would be the amount of money that can be utilized in the campaigns. This is a free country, or so the saying goes, but is it really free when powerful and wealthy or wealth-backed candidates can dictate campaign rhetoric and issues simply because they can outspend their opponents? Television air time is very expensive and not all candidates have the funds to reach the American public this way. This has to be remedied. All candidates that qualify for the final election(those "ten" mentioned in #2 above) would receive government funding for their campaigns and there will be a ceiling on the amount of money that can be spent on their campaigns. This may sound dictatorial to some, but it would certainly let the American public know which candidates are REALLY the best ones, not just which candidates have the money and resources to propagandize us all for votes. These monetary issues would be decided by the Congress.

5) Voter forms will be standard for ALL Americans. Since we are electing national officials, we should all have a uniform voting system and ballots. National elections should be overseen by a Congressional committee which is permanent and representative of ALL candidates. We have committees for just about everything- intelligence, military, spending- why not one exclusively to patrol the appropriateness of our electoral system?

6) Election votes will be tabulated by people, not machines or computers. All election counting will be subject to oversight by the candidates involved. This may sound like a tedious system of counting, but this is a process where we are electing our national leaders, and the amount of work should not be a factor when it comes to fairness. If it takes a week to count the votes, then so be it! Remember, all candidates have the power of oversight in the vote tabulation process, even though they are not required to exercise this right. It is strictly up to them. This system would have prevented something like Florida 2000 from happening, installing a president who clearly had not been proven to be the winner of the election.

We definitely need campaign reform in the United States. It is a gross irony indeed that our leaders talk of spreading American democracy around the world when our own system of electoral representation has been compromised, if not destroyed, by powerful interests. It is time for the American people to take back their true and unadulterated place in the electoral system. If we can't, then we should not be held accountable to our leaders or any of their unaccounted-for dictates!


Too Many Opinions and Not Enough Facts

How can human beings constantly be at each other’s throats when you would
think that if we all had access to the same information we could agree on
most things generally? If we all see an apple falling from a tree we
agree that it is an apple falling from a tree. The sky is blue. Water is
wet. There are certain things called facts that when viewed by all people
tend to draw an agreeable response from most everyone. Of course, you
might have the genius who claims that the apple is falling to earth, but
in a very minute way, the apple and earth are pulled to each other, the
apple itself having a very minute gravitational pull.

Americans are divided because we are not all getting the same facts, or
in many cases, none at all. Most Americans unfortunately form their
opinions on information that is not entirely factual, if at all. Worse
yet, there is another group of Americans that rest their opinions on the
opinions of a public leaders, trusting these leader to have the right
values to deal with the “facts”. What it all comes down to is a bickering
and divided population, each conflicting group getting different
"factual" input than the other.

If we had an open and honest reporting media in this nation, Americans
would be a uniting, progressive and constructive force on the rest of the
world. As it is, in the rush to grab political power, special interest
groups are hiding or distorting the truth to appeal to what they feel is
a majority of Americans. Compare this to a prosecuting attorney trying to
win over a jury- has there ever been a trial in history where the
prosecutor presented the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help
him God? I don’t think so. You can even apply this distortion tactic to
defense attorneys.

With giant money profits at stake, warring political forces will distort
the truth to suit their agendas. This is why Americans are divided. Not
because some of us are liberals, or conservatives, or whatever . . . It
is because we are being given different versions of “truth” by
conflicting powerful interests. If every American knew what a lot of us
did about Iraq BEFORE we attacked them in March, 2003, there would
certainly have been NO attack I am sure! By the same token, if every
American knew about the glaringly obvious and suspicious unanswered
questions about 911, the selling of the War on Terror would have
encountered stiffer opposition.

There are just too many opinions and not enough facts being presented to
the American people. We deserve the facts in a real democracy so that we
can make sound judgments about who we want leading us and our direction.
Americans are good hard-working and law-abiding people generally. They
have been goaded into divisiveness by leaders well aware of the old
maxim- Divide and Conquer.


Bush Media Bias

The media is trumpeting the third presidential debate as the possible decider of who will win the election. Can you believe this? Kerry was in total command of the first two debates, while Bush was on very shaky ground, and yet the third debate will be the winner-take-all? If this doesn't tell you which side the mainstream media is favoring nothing will. Whatever happened to best-of-three?

I suppose if Bush gets his moronic ass kicked a third time the media(White House) will come up with some lame excuse and the gullible public will once again forgive Poor Mistreated Georgie Boy! Are debates really worth the time when such one-sided performances don't make a dent in the public's perceptions? Or are the debates really just something to possibly make Kerry stumble on something in a monumental way, ala Nixon's profuse sweating in the 1960 debates vs. John Kennedy? It seems to me that Bush could urinate right there on the stage and it still wouldn't change a thing with his steadfast and blind followers!

No . . . the debates are not for people to decide their vote as much as it is to see the other candidate look bad in some way, or your candidate provide some good ol' debatin' ass-kickin'(at least in your mind). It is just a show for the voters, not a real discussion of issues. If people are actually enlightened during the debates on the issues, I must say that they must be very uninformed on the world's events. Most if not all of the stuff discussed by the candidates is old news to informed people, and you can bet the candidate who is best at manipulating the misinformed will score bigger with this audience. This is Bush's strong weapon in the debates . . . he KNOWS most Americans are suckers and he is comfortable being in a position to further sucker them.

John Kerry is far more intellectual in the debates, but this can turn off many people who see intellectuals as a sort of social snob and subversive. This is why Kerry has to reach out to those misinformed by making sure he trades punch for punch with a president who seems to get a kick out of putting others on the defensive. Regardless of what happens on stage, you can bet that the media will spice it up for the man they have been covering up for for four long and nightmarish years- George W. Bush!


National Security For US Only?

Why is it that I get the feeling that our "leaders" seem to go on the axiom that only the United States of America is entitled to national security? Aren't other nations entitled to their own mechanisms of protection, including weapons programs that deter foreign aggression? Whatever happened to peaceful coexistence?

The irony to all of this is the fact that the United States is far and away the preeminent military power on this planet. This alone should act as a deterrent to invasion- what nation in its right mind would want to engage the US military in battle? This may sound a bit weird to some readers, but if you have a proven dominant military might, you should never really have to use it.

To draw an analogy, imagine a school yard bully demanding that the school's administration allow him to take advantage of defenseless students under the guise of protecting himself! Of course, in the case of the United States, the "school administration"(United Nations) is nothing more than something to go along with only when it benefits the US(and Israel), and something to abuse and ignore when it doesn't.

Our deceptive government wants us to always feel that we are on the defense against other nations and international conspiracies, when in fact it is the United States that is stirring up the hornet's nest. If someone wants to intone that 911 was our wake-up call to start military operations against our "terrorist enemies", thus justifying the current wave of US military aggression abroad, I can only say that it is all based on conjecture and lies since 911 has never been honestly and openly investigated by an uncompromised panel of citizens.

In fact, the current spate of revelations about the lies and distortions that were used to justify attacking Iraq only serve to cloud out the equally serious questions as to who was really responsible for 911. As soon as(and if we can) find those responsible for the lies that led us to war, resulting in thousands of deaths, then maybe we can turn to the next wall of deception, 911, and begin to tear it down on the public stage!


Iraq Is Success For War Industries

As Iraqi "insurgents" and United States forces trade hostilities in Iraq, it may seem like a war to most people. But it is not really a war. It is a chessboard for the masters of war, those mysterious behind-the-scenes arms dealers/industrialists that make sure everyone is armed to the teeth. When it comes to the lucrative profits made for these people, BOTH the Iraqi insurgency and the United States forces are on their side. The more that the war can be dragged and instigated on, the more millions of dollars these greedy men make.

Just who is really financing and supplying the Iraqi insurgency? Or better yet, who supplied the Iraqis before they were attacked? I will put a good bet that 90% or more of the weapons that are being used against US soldiers were made with US or US-connected corporations. And since someone might call me a conspiracy theorist for this kind of perspective, I will suggest a conspiracy in this situation- to keep the war going, hence making elections impossible and allowing the USA to keep its firm grip on the "political" situation in Iraq, the insurgency has to be armed. Enter the masters of war.

The global and international corporations that profit immensely by war at the expense of the world's populations do not really care which side wins, as long as the war is long and drawn out, if not perpetual. It is so easy to provoke wars when you have the mainstream media at your disposal, not to mention the political leaders of nations. Anyone who stands up against the War Machine is quickly dealt with. President Kennedy, Senator Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. all were on record as opposing the Viet Nam War, and all three were assassinated in the 60's as our troops died in Viet Nam and a policy of quasi-genocide against the Viet Namese was carried out.

In 1963, as President Kennedy was putting his foot down with regards to USA military/CIA aggressions around the globe, the War Machine responded and reminded the public just who was in charge with a gigantic terrorist act of its own- JFK was brutally murdered in the streets of Dallas, his brains splattered in front of hundreds of onlookers in Dealey Plaza. At present time, as the Kerry campaign picks up more momentum each and every day and puts itself in a position to actually threaten the plans of the War Machine, I am quite sure that domestic assassination is still an option available to terrorize the American public and remind us all who is really in charge. When a wave of peace threatens to wash over the world, a renowned peace leader always seems to be a victim of assassination.

In the current situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, both Bush and Kerry favor a policy of "staying the course", not pulling USA troops en masse until stability and elections return. Americans are being deceived big time with the arguments being made about mistakes that have been made by the Bush administration leading to the present violent chaos in Iraq. What the public is overlooking here is the long hand of the War Machine, which profits by war and chaos. The present dangerous situation in Iraq is not a failure of this administration- this is the situation that is profitable to the lucrative war industries that help guide Bush's policies. If 911 is labelled an "intelligence failure" by the government/media, when in fact it was an intelligence success, then by the same token the "strategic failure" that we are supposedly witnessing in Iraq can be considered a strategic success for the War Machine.


Self-reflection Past Due

While Americans are led to believe by their leaders that we are supposed to be the beacon of light and positive change in the world, millions suffer and die around the world because of our misguided foreign policies. While we are self-deluded into thinking that we are indeed blessed with freedom and liberty, our government is getting sold to the highest bidder. The powerful special interests that bid for our government could care less about the interests of people around the world, let alone the interests of Americans.

Americans have to wake up and smell the coffee- if you are not totally and hopelessly drugged by government propaganda, you might still have a chance to save what we were all taught to believe was America. Freedom truly is not free, but not in the way most Americans would think. To them, the cost of wars in blood and taxes is a measure to the price of freedom. They overlook a most important thing- that the freedom to live like an American, with the liberties therein guaranteed constitutionally, don't come from the end of a gun, but from the courage of those who dare speak for justice and truth in the face of public disapproval. Without this freedom, there IS no America!

In the hysteric environment of war frenzy that seems to grip this nation so easily, it takes real courage to stand up against the insanity of phony wars and government lies. The waves of "truth" that the government sends out onto a naive population push people towards a beach of delusion. This delusion is a comfort zone, a security blanket, for those who want to believe that they live in the best and moral of societies. Anyone who doesn't conform to the waves of disinformation is seen as a troublemaker, a malcontent, un-American etc. Just how many of those "patriotic" Americans would give their lives or risk their reputations to stand for what America is really supposed to stand for?

I can only say this to the warmongers who glorify the sacrifice of soldiers and to people who would let their finest go be slaughtered in unnecessary wars- Peace takes more courage! To stand against the savage uncivilized game of killing your fellow man takes mountains of courage in these insane times! And to those parents who would allow their kids to be sent to war while taking the government's word for granted- I do not consider you a good parent. If a parent cannot muster the courage do something unpopular to save their children's lives, then I must say that America has developed a big yellow streak down its back!


Clean Our House First

An atmosphere of perverse dueling mind sets has arisen in this divided nation. People stand behind their candidates unquestioningly and use the misery of others to justify his actions. Take, for instance, the recent killing of children in car bombings in Baghdad. Bush's arrogant and blind legion of followers can act remorseful and horrified by this tragedy, yet deep inside they are full of glee because the shocking "terrorism" against little children has once again restored their confidence in Bush's judgment that "terrorists" are the enemy that must be pursued at all cost.

To be fair to the Republicans here, I will have to admit that Democrats also show the same veil of sympathy to victims' images, that when shown publicly, make Bush look like the war criminal he is. I AM SURE that pictures of dead and mutilated Iraqi people, children included, if shown to the American public on mainstream media, would illicit shock and outrage at the Bush administration's brutal concept of justice.

While Americans express outrage over the deaths of people around the world, whether attributed to terrorists or coalition nations, deep down inside they celebrate in the deaths of those people that make the other party's leader look bad. In other words, American politics is and has been a scourge on the affairs of the rest of the world. Political profits in the USA are usually gained at the expense of some innocent framed nation or peoples.

As long as our foreign policies are compromised by politics here in the United States, we will never be able to deal with other nations as ONE nation. This means that our policies towards the rest of the world will be of division. It is this very division that feeds and gives "justification" to the United States acting like a policeman for the world. It is like the world is but a mirror that reflects the only superpower at present, the United States. We have to get things in order in our own house before we can begin to present American ideals to the rest of the world!


Cake and Eat It Too!

If we are to distrust the credibility of journalism now because of one little(probably intentional) mistake on the part of Dan Rather and CBS, does this lack of credibilty also apply to their war coverage in Iraq, or is it just reserved for information potentially critical of George Bush? Does it apply to anything reported from now on?

It's funny how the Bush administration can tell so many lies that we lose track of them, even get bored of them, while even the slightest tidbit of error in examining Bush's character gets blown up like it was the Pearl Harbor of journalism. We can't have double standards in our expectations of honesty in journalism. If we expect error-proof inspection of George Bush, we must also demand the truth about Iraq and other things that the government keeps us in the dark about. You can't have your cake and eat it too.


Bush Special Treatment

Why many people and the media were focusing on President Bush's special treatment with regards to possible Viet Nam military service is beyond me. What about the special treatment he gets from the media? What about the special treatment he got from the Supreme Court in the 2000 election? What about the special treatment he got in being given his party's nomination for the presidency in the first place in 2000? He was handed the nomination from the very start, being the son of George HW Bush, our 41st president. Now that is special treatment!

Actually, many young men tried to get deferments from Viet Nam military conscription in the 60's, so focusing on Bush's military record from these times sounds sort of hollow for a real critique of Bush. I think that this focus on the 60's was more a distraction from the real issues that people should know about the present George Bush, issues that currently affect us all in the United States.

The current special treatment that Bush gets from the media is repulsive to those people who are aware of the crimes and coverups that this administration has carried out. The media will not touch these issues, mainly because the powerful people who own the media are in bed with Bush and his corporate fraternity thugs. As far as the misinformed American citizen is concerned, Bush can do no wrong, thanks mainly to a mainstream media that covers up every piece of political crap that Bush and Co. leaves in its path of destruction.

Meanwhile, any little tidbit of information that helps give Bush's agendas momentum and acceptance with the American public, regardless of its merit and truth, gets royal treatment by the media. When this information is disproved the media does not give it one bit of attention, leaving the original unchallenged-as-yet information alone in the public's mind. This is why 50% or thereabouts of Americans still believe that Iraq was behind 911, even though this charge has been thoroughly disproved by the FBI, CIA and the 911 Commission.

Bush's special treatment in the National Guard is not an issue today. His special treatment by the media is. When the media covers up crimes being committed by the administration, because those crimes benefit the corporate/media complex, it is an issue that must be addressed! Bush's special treatment in the 60's was no really outrageous example of special treatment since many young men got some type of deferment to keep them out of the draft. However, the special treatment that the media gives Bush and Co. that allows them to get away with murder is a crime!


Boston Tea Party 2005

I have a fail-safe method whereby the American public would always win regardless of the candidate elected. This would make the candidates pay more attention to the real concerns of Americans, not being in that much demand by them. The power attained through this method would recapture for the American people their rightful place in the power totem pole in this nation, I believe.

If, after the new president takes office on January 20, 2005, he does not pursue a planned course and corresponding actions towards a program that he promised to the voters, ALL American voters should refuse to pay their taxes. I am not talking about just tax protestors or antiwar people or feminists . . . I am talking about EVERYONE.

Taxation seems to be a topic that can be easily broached in public since most people have a conditioned agreement to the statement that we are all taxed too much. Since this topic can be easily raised without worrying about people considering you "un-American", it should be easier for people who want real change in this nation, for the better, to educate those who are unaware of the monstrous crime of over-taxation and underrepresentation that the government is perpetuating upon the American public.

If Americans were truly aware of the tax burdens that they carry, while getting crumbs from the government, they will be more prone to ask questions. If they see that the rich are getting much richer and the rest of us are in actuality being taken advantage of, they might make an honest attempt to find out how and why. Remember, it is much easier to accuse our government of over-taxation than it is of war crimes. But it is that very taxation that leads to the war crimes!

It may sound a little farfetched to some of you, but if Americans truly wanted an accountable government, not one that they cower to, they would join in a mass movement to NOT pay taxes until the government was totally accountable to them. We have the internet to spread this idea and be totally serious about it. The crapola has to hit the fan one of these days, and it just as soon be right now, right after another presidential election when we once again hold promise that promises will be kept. If these promises are nothing more than lies for votes, then we must refuse to pay taxes to an unaccountable government! It sounds like simple justice to me.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


American Patriot vs. Iraqi Patriot

Reading this morning that Blair and Bush will not allow any withdrawal of US/British troops from Iraq because they do not want to lose to the "terrorists", I flashed on the movie "The Patriot" starring Mel Gibson. In this movie, which is about the Revolutionary War in which the American colonies gained independence from the Crown of England, a man's(Mel Gibson) family becomes unpreventably involved in the guerilla actions directed against English troops.

At the start of the movie, Gibson is against any military confrontation with England, fearing gigantic loss of life. If I remember correctly, Gibson's character had five or six children, including one boy old enough to fight and another who wanted to, but was not old enough yet. He also had two other younger sons. What changes Gibson's stance on fighting the British is an incident where after a brutal battle near his house, he takes in wounded American soldiers and treats their wounds. The next morning, a ruthless British commander discovers the soldiers and has them summarily executed. Also, Gibson's oldest son, a courier for the revolutionary forces(couriers are supposedly like medics in a time of war- immune from arrest by the enemy- I may be mistaken here though), is caught at the house and taken into custody by the British.

As his son is being dragged away from the house, Gibson's second oldest son, the one who wants to fight the British, runs to the soldiers and tries to free his brother. The British commander takes dead aim at him and kills him right in front of his family, shooting him in the back After, the British soldiers leave, Gibson runs into his house, grabs three rifles, and leaves with his two remaining sons. They ambush the British detachment, killing about 20 British troops in the process. Americans who watched this movie undoubtedly sympathized, in fact, cheered the ambush and killing of the British troops. It was justice done for the atrocities the soldiers had committed at Gibson's house, in particular the killing of his unarmed son.

What is happening in Iraq right now is pretty much the same scenario- so many people have been killed, imprisoned, brutalized, raped, robbed, terrorized, etc etc etc that the fight there has become the IRAQI PEOPLE against the occupying forces. The British Crown labelled colonial guerrilla fighters as "terrorists" in their own terminology I am sure. These colonial fighters for independence terrorized and caused tremendous damage and problems for the British forces, leading to their eventual withdrawal from the mainland. Our government certainly wants Americans to perceive that any resistance to American occupying forces is "terrorism", but the real truth of the matter is that our unjustified attack and subsequent brutal aggressions against a proud Iraqi nation has created an insurgency, just like the Revolutionary forces that won our independence back in the late 1700's.

There has been terrible brutality exhibited by both insurgents and occupying forces in this war, but one must always keep in mind who started this needless and immoral war in the first place- the United States and Britain.


American Free Elections?

Americans may think that they are about to exercise their freedom and voting rights come November 2, and technically, that IS the case. Realistically, however, you might want to stop and consider just what Americans ARE free from as they cast their ballots.

1) Are they free from the bias and prejudice that the media stamps on their collective misinformed mind concerning each candidate?
2) Are they free to examine and contest questionable voting results?
3) Are they free to get rid of a candidate that double crosses the American public once he is elected?
4) Are they free from the big-monied interests that have compromised our political system?
5) Are they free to decide if and when and where our military engages?
6) Are they free to have their dissenting viewpoints heard and considered in a fair and open national forum?
7) Are they free to investigate and prosecute government malfeasance?
8) Are they free to determine where their tax dollars are spent?
9) Are they free to speak up and/or protest without being branded or labelled un-American by their peers?
10) Are they free to hear the REAL issues(economy, health care, social security, taxes, Congressional oversight, etc) discussed and dissected by the candidates?
11) Are they free from the shackles of ignorance and hate and fear, three sure detriments to any objective discourse?

You might want to stop and consider just how free we really are as we go into yet another presidential election. To me, no election is free unless all of the above questions can be answered with a "YES". If even one is answered with a "NO", then we are certainly not a free nation.


Insurgent Attacks In America?

WASHINGTON (AP) - Standing beside Iraq's interim leader, President Bush contended Thursday that insurgents could "plot and plan attacks elsewhere, in America and other free nations," if the United States pulled out. He said his top commander there has not asked for more troops but if he did, "I'd listen to him."

Are you kidding me? The Iraqis are fighting to expel the occupying forces, losing many people in the process, and the President is saying that if those occupying forces leave the "insurgents" are going to provide justification for another attack on their nation by committing attacks on American soil? Geez!!! Give me a break! I suppose the president, in all of his universal wisdom, realizes that Iraqis love to go through the hell of a foreign occupation, so they would gladly attack the USA to provoke another attack and occupation. My God . . . this is our president's reasoning? How did we ever fall so low, America?

If the United States pulls troops out of Iraq the Iraqi people would manage their own affairs just fine, given the absence of provocateurs who want to continually ignite war. If the occupying forces left Iraq and there WAS an attack on American soil, it would be so easy for the government to frame Iraqis to a gullible and misinformed American public. It would be attack-Iraq-on-phony-premises all over again!

As long as Americans are unable to see through the smoke screen and see this administration's true intentions toward the Middle East, there is going to be a continual media/government spin directed to a gullible American public to frame Arabs for any and all acts of violence. Bush is just creating options for himself in this speech- if the troops remain he wins and if they leave he easily wins and gets another war through a staged terror attack, allegedly carried out by Iraqi "insurgents", who, of course, would have every reason to hate Americans(this would be the government's line . . . it isn't mine).

Just the fact that our president would stand beside a "leader" that shot six Iraqi prisoners in the head pointblank at a Baghdad police station to demonstrate his no-nonsense handling of the Iraqi insurgency speaks volumes!


President Dos Equis

I have another nickname for President Bush- Dos Equis. This is the name of a beer and it means "two x's". This name fits Bush so well because he seems to be the master, just like his father, of the double-cross. Just about everyone over the years who has had dealings with the Bushes has been the victim of a double-cross. At present time, the American public is the victim of President Bush's double-cross.

Every campaign promise that Bush made has been reneged on- money for schools, for veterans, health insurance- you name it. Our president's father double-crossed Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War. With Kuwait cross-drilling into Iraqi territory for oil Saddam had Bush's assurance that he would not intervene if Iraq tried to resolve this issue militarily. In fact, Bush and the US intelligence KNEW well in advance that Saddam was preparing to occupy Kuwait and let it happen, providing a justification to launch the first Gulf War. This was a gigantic double cross!

Another famous victim of the president's father was CIA drug-running extraordinaire Barry Seale, who cooperated with federal authorities in pinning down numerous drug-running schemes, including the Medellian cartel in Columbia. It was Seale's plane that had the hidden cameras that caught some Nicaraguan Sandanista officials loading cocaine onto it, providing the Reagan administration(actually the VP Bush administration!) with propagandic ammunition against the Sandanista regime. A side note to this is President Bush acquired this very same plane years later!

So what did Seale get for his service to his country? In his own trial for drug-running, he was given a sentence that broke the promise that the government had given him for testifying against other big drug-runners- he had to report to a halfway house every evening, making him an easy target for assassins. Her was gunned down as he sat in his car, supposed by the Medellian cartel that he had infiltrated and fingered. However, knowing full well how his sentence had set him up to be killed, despite government promises that he would be safe after his trial, and the amount of dirty laundry that Vice President Bush and his CIA drug-running mafia had to hide, suspicions certainly point elsewhere!

As for the present Bush double-crosser in the Oval Office, the only people who haven't felt the sting of his double-crosses are his corporate associates who are reaping huge profits from his tax cuts and war on terror. You might also consider that Saddam Hussein WAS cooperating with UN weapons inspectors when Iraq was so ruthlessly and unjustifiably attacked by US forces. Making people go along and/or cooperate with lies, then reneging on stated promises is to me a double-cross. George Bush, both father and son, are as ruthless double-crossers as you are ever going to see! Father taught son very well indeed.

President Dos Equis.


Bush and Humanitarianism

President Bush speaks to the United Nations about the need for humanitarianism while he wages lie-based wars on two nations, killing thousands of innocent civilians in the process. In fact, I am beginning to consider even the people who are fighting back as innocents, since they are doing nothing more than defending their homeland against foreign aggressors.

A question for readers to consider- If Bush is reelected will this be a sign to the Muslim world that the majority of Americans, choosing to stand behind a leader that attacks their nations, are now fair game? Or is the Muslim/Arab world better informed than Americans are(that is not saying much!) and realize that between propaganda, scare tactics and outright voter fraud the majority of Americans are actually against Bush's policies and should not be targeted under any circumstances? I would go with the latter assessment myself.

Americans who are taken in by the government's propaganda and lies don't have a clue that antiwar/anti-Bush protest is actually a safeguard to them, showing the Arab world that not all Americans, in fact MOST Americans for that matter, are sickened by the Bush administration's gung-ho and reckless policies of aggression against the Arab world. If we all choose to be sheep, being herded around by a ruthless government at their will, we will have the same fate of sheep- eventual slaughter.

President Bush speaking about humanitarianism is like Charles Manson speaking about good black/white relations or the dangers of drugs. It just doesn't fit Bush's performance and is an insult to all humanitarian-based organizations in the world! If there was real actual humanity in Bush's head we wouldn't be brutalizing Iraqis and Afghanis right now, and the needs of Americans would be foremost on the mind of the president.


Genocide In Iraq

“The United States is committing genocide in Iraq.”

Many people would react to this statement by claiming that since there
are no concentration/death camps in Iraq, this is a gross distortion of
reality. However, when the killing of a certain group of people, in this
case Iraqis, becomes a regular everyday occurrence that becomes less and
less a problem on the collective conscience of the aggressor nation, then
it is genocide.

One must bear in mind that a “crime” is not a crime until it has been
prosecuted and dealt with as such. As long as the indiscriminate killing
of Iraqis goes on, America inches closer and closer to a nation bent on
nothing more than genocide. The problem is supposedly bringing “freedom
and democracy” to Iraq. The actual problem is that the more people that
you have to kill to force your democracy and freedom on others, the less
you are going to have to enjoy that freedom and democracy if and when it

Eventually any capitulation on the part of Iraq will be one of an
emasculated culture just bent on human survival, even if it means licking
the shit off of America’s high boots. The “genocide” will be complete-
Iraqis “free”, slaves to the American capitalist plantation.
Yes, my fellow Americans, we are committing genocide in Iraq, much the
same way that early white settlers committed genocide against native
American Indians. In those days, treaties between white settlers and
Indians were constantly broken by the white man, needing his space to
expand manifestly by the will of God. His God just happened to have
bigger guns and faster war vehicles, so he road roughshod over a proud

This is the very same picture in Iraq. Americans are under the illusion
that they and only they can be the good guys coming to the rescue of the
world’s “problems”. This is the sick mindset that is currently trampling
Iraqis to death in a morbid show of moral righteousness. It is one thing
and one thing only- it is genocide!


Israeli Supporters Traitors?

In light of the Israeli spying on the United States, which has been ongoing for many years, are we judge those politicians and civic leaders who stand in the way of a full accounting of the spying as traitors? Can you imagine what would happen to someone who had spied for some Arab country or "terrorist" organization. That person would have either been executed or sent to some hellhole like Guantanamo Bay by now. Just take a look at what happened to Julius and Ethel Rosenburg, both executed in the 1950's red-scare period for spying, and on far shakier evidence than exists against Israeli spies nowadays!

Unfortunately, the Pledge of Allegiance is not a true statement anymore, if it ever has been. The phrase "and justice for all" simply cannot be considered a realistic appraisal of America. One only has to look at the grossly unfair support that the United States gives to an aggressor nation like Israel. Instead of being grateful and repaying their debts to the American people, Israel turns its spies and assassination teams loose on us and compromises our most basic and precious institutions of democracy. There is no conjecture involved in Israeli activities in the United States. Anyone who doesn't have his head buried up his ass knows by now that the spying has gone on for many years and seems to get more pervasive every year.

Where is the public outcry, not only for justice to be served to protect the American public, but for an accountability of those leaders who not only profit from Israeli lobbies, but stand in the way of any investigation and prosecution of these spies? Certainly anyone who aids and abets spying should himself be considered a traitor. This would place just about our entire executive branch and Congress in this category! With this much power in its pocket, Israel can get away with just about anything, and it has. Israel attacks and instigates for war against its neighboring countries in the Middle East and we lend support. Iraq tends to its own business and gets attacked for "posing" a threat to its neighbors and the world. Go figure!

It is time for Americans to start looking at the unadulterated information about the Israel/US relationship and how it is destroying our very fabric of democracy. Anytime special interests rule the government democracy goes down the drain. Our leaders in Congress and government who would stand by and let this happen, or worse yet, aid in it, should certainly be tried for treason!

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