Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Technically, Bush Is NOT A War President

Here is an argument that people can use when faced with the "Bush is a wartime president and thus should not be criticized." Our Constitution explicitly spells out how the United States goes to war- only if Congress declares war on another nation. This has not occurred since right after Pearl Harbor as every military engagement and subsequent quagmire that we have gotten into since then has been the result of a presidential order. When the decision for war is left in the hands of the president, it makes it easy for the war-related industries, who profit immensely by war, to steer the president's judgments and decisions. It becomes a matter of the special interests that finance and back a president pulling the levers of war! In a democratic and constitutional sense, this is not war but a scam!

When I hear the refrain "Don't criticize Bush, a wartime president!", it makes me want to throw up. The more people use this justification to silence dissent the more I realize that 911 WAS an event orchestrated to give Bush "wartime" powers and a tool to keep people in this nation in line with the agenda of conquest. George Bush is NOT a wartime president because Congress never declared war on anyone- they simply surrendered this most important responsibility and right to a president thoroughly compromised by his corporate cronies and the government of Israel. In other words, as far as the constitution goes, those who gave Bush this power to wage war, without the American people involved in the decision-making process through their elected representatives, are all traitors!

So when you hear that familiar phrase- "It is treason to criticize a wartime president"- or something in that vein, quickly retort that Bush is NOT a wartime president because Congress never declared war as the Constitution stipulates that it must. Also, by constantly shielding Bush from criticism in this manner this administration clearly shows why "war" is being waged in the first place- to suppress dissent. We do not have a war in Iraq, we have a CRIME being committed against people who never did any harm to United States citizens other than living above massive amounts of oil that our corporate puppet leaders will commit genocide to acquire!

Bush is NOT a wartime president but a WAR CRIMINAL president. There is a big difference between the two.

Sunday, January 09, 2005


Is Activism A Waste of Time?

Is massive organized protest in the United States an outgrowth of the CIA? Allowing massive protest demonstrations helps feed the argument that this is a free nation. There seems to be a cat and mouse game going on between the government and protestors. Each side is acknowledging that until a certain point of protest is not breached, there will be no massive bloodshed and reprisal.

A true powerful revolution cannot come from the heart of one individual, but from millions who finally recognize that many others feel the same revulsion that they do. This is the main benefit of mass activism in a nation where true democracy is buried next to Jimmy Hoffa. It allows people the exchange of feelings and ideas and creates a broader-based political movement.

Actually, my first thought tonight as I sat down to write this letter was how activists would eventually have to accept the fact that violence might be the only way to affect positive change today. But reconsidering I went back to the principal of nonviolence as an effective tool. When times are tough for those of us who truly respect the Constitution of the United States of America, we can sometimes get to the point of violence, but all that does is beget more violence(a prime example of this is how mean and ugly those there Iraqis have become since we started hurling bombs at them).

The battle for justice requires unending patience and vigilance. It is not like winning the Super Bowl, but an unending season. The best we can hope for is a fair representation of the people that pay this nation's bills!


Syria and Iran Helping Iraqi Insurgency?

When the United States attacked Iraq in March 2003 the Bush administration gave Americans the impression that it posed a serious threat to its neighbors as well as the rest of the world. Now the Bush administration wants us to believe that Iran and Syria, two neighbors, are assisting the insurgency that battles the US occupational forces. If Iraq was really that much of a threat to these two nations, then why would they now turn coat and assist the insurgency? Once again, Bush goes with a "story" that suits the purposes of his divide and conquer agenda.

Let me ask WRH readers and Americans this question- suppose Mexico, Canada, Central or South American or Caribbean nations, OUR neighbors, were attacked and occupied by another nation. I realize that under present circumstances this is very unlikely and improbable, but for one moment put yourself in the shoes of Iraq's neighbors, in particular the nations that Israel(and thus the United States) considers its Middle Eastern enemies. Do you think for one moment the United States would tolerate this? We have installed puppet military dictatorships in South and Central America for decades under the THEORY(excuse) of communist expansionism!

The hypocrisy in this nation, and in particular in Washington DC, is really stinking up the place! We go into Iraq and inflict over 100,000 deaths with hi-tech weaponry and expect other nations in our gun sights to sit nice and polite until its their turn to be attacked? People like Ann Coulter, who mindlessly espouse the "righteousness" of slaughter for the good of mankind, should have their families murdered, abused and raped, their houses burnt down, their neighborhoods destroyed, before they have the audacity to justify these things for innocent and defenseless peoples! I can guarantee one thing to these hate-mongering monsters- if they were attacked in the manner that they want others to be attacked around the world by our government, I am sure they would quickly change their tune.

By attempting to lay blame at the doorstep of Iraq's neighbors this administration once again is showing that it SEEKS military confrontation instead of peaceful ways to avoid it. When your children will not be the ones to have their heads blown off in a needless war, when you are making lots of money from the sponsors of these wars, when you don't have an ounce of human decency or "compassionate conservatism"(what a crock!) in your body, you will probably go right along with the killing and plunder!


The Last Resort

Most Americans have to be completely frustrated by now, especially after another display of non-representation by our elected representatives yesterday. Just remember this one thing as we move ahead into another nightmarish four years of George Bush and Co,- anytime a government refuses or blocks an investigation into apparent wrongdoing, it not only is not doing its sworn duty, but it is covering up wrongdoing on the part of its members. When someone or something refuses to be investigated, you can bet that there is something there to hide, period!

Many people may be asking themselves just what can be done when all avenues of legal democratic means have been used to no avail. I have a suggestion for these people that may save them and alot of others lots of pain and trouble- let the present members of this illegal, compromised and immoral government hang themselves. If all else fails, this seems to be the ultimate check on those leaders who would totally subvert human democratic processes for personal gain. I have a strong confidence that the true American spirit will prevail as these criminals we call our leaders hang themselves one by one!

In the movie "War of the Worlds"(Orson Welles) it looked hopeless for earthlings as the alien invaders destroyed everything in their path with ease, using high tech weaponry that rendered our weapons useless. What finally destroyed the alien invaders was something totally unseen to the naked eye- bacteria! What is going to eventually bring down the "alien" invaders of the United States government is the putrid hatred that they espouse to create a lynch mob mentality among the American people. This hatred is going to consume these people and bring them down, mark my word!

It took almost 60,000 dead American troops in Viet Nam before this nation militarily withdrew, and in the 30 years since that moment, we have not been attacked by Viet Nam and the domino theory of communist advance has not taken place. This was one of the main reasons that we supposedly went to fight in Viet Nam- another lie to justify a war that made the war industries richer. How many more deaths will it take in Iraq before people once again have the numbers to turn the tide to sanity again here in the states? 50,000? 100,000? One thing is certain- the number of deaths in Iraq is not now and will never be a factor for the warmongering monsters that inhabit the White House.

Once again, as in the Viet Nam saga, it will be the American people who will be lied to, who will suffer, who will pay with their hard-earned money, who will be abused by our legal institutions, and who will eventually reach a stage of mass revulsion. Unfortunately, when this nightmare is over with, people will quickly forget the real reasons and culprits and our children will be educated to believe that America's present failures are to be blamed on those that stood up against the insanity. Then in another 30 years or so, we will have another brainwashed generation ready to attack some other nation under the guise of spreading democracy and freedom and fighting some imaginary enemy! WE may rid the present pack of government war lackeys, but their masters will live on to fool the public into fighting more wars for them.


Under The Rug Again!

From Yahoo News:

"White House spokesman Scott McClellan dismissed the move as politically driven. . . .
Many Democrats oppose challenging the Ohio vote, concerned that it would do little but antagonize voters who consider the election over. The numbers are also politically daunting: Bush won an Ohio recount by more than 118,000 votes, and won nationally by more than 3 million."

Politically-driven? Why is it that everything that anyone does that brings into question this administration's actions is considered "politically driven"? The final numbers of the election are NOT important here, only how they were arrived at. This administration's use of the "politically driven" accusation towards its critics is much like accusing the Iraqi people of politicization for complaining about being attacked! How can this government be concerned about "antagonizing" voters when millions have already taken to the streets to protest in vain? There is only one political party that is "politicizing" everything nowadays, making the retention of power its ultimate goal, and that is the Republican party!

The Bush administration has tried to thwart EVERY investigation that deals with important issues that we face as a nation and this only tells me that they have many things to hide from the public. If people cannot see the obviousness with which Bush stole the last two elections, they are in denial or not paying any attention at all, because it is as obvious as the day has a sun!


Hamas and Elections

It is funny and contradictory why Israel would want to stifle Hamas participation in elections in Palestine. I would like to think that Hamas participation in Palestinian "democracy" would lessen the possibility of "terrorist" attacks against Israel. This action on the part of Isreal tells me three things right off the bat-

1) There will be no fair elections in Palestine
2) Israel wants to keep their relationship with Hamas in a confrontational, instead of political, mode.
3) Basically, Israel will NOT let Palestinians have a voice, thus throwing a roadblock in the way of a Palestinian state.

While the United States spends billions to supposedly bring "freedom and democracy" to Iraq, we give billions to a nation that stifles democracy in the most blatant of ways!


No-Win Situation For REAL Americans

Regardless of what happens from here on out with regard to the war on terror, the most pressing problem for Americans who oppose Bush and Co.'s repressive policies is the rampant and all-pervasive ignorance on the part of millions of their fellow citizens. If American troops are eventually recalled en masse from Iraq, where they are running around in circles and accomplishing little more than further enflaming anti-American hatred, while getting themselves killed for the oil companies and Israel, the blame for "retreat" or "defeat", whatever it will be termed by the media, will be placed in the laps of those who opposed the Iraq war.

History that was taught after the Viet Nam war to young people in this nation implicated the antiwar movement for our failures in South East Asia. This is one of the main reasons why the United States has yet to learn from its experiences there- because it cannot face up to the realities of Viet Nam, instead placing blame on its fellow citizens, just like Hitler did after World War One. Viet Nam ended the way it did because US engagement there was uncalled-for and unjustified, just like it is in Iraq right now. If a nation enters into war based on obfuscation and lies, the military and any eventual occupation will always be tainted and hamstrung by this. If you can't win the hearts and minds of people in a truthful way, you can never really win a war!

The biggest battle facing this nation is the battle against lies and ignorance, against the massive infrastructure of propaganda that now controls the thoughts and feelings if millions of misled Americans. It is these misled Americans who will be used to discredit and do harm to those of us who revere the truth and facts and condemn all forms of governmental deceit. As long as the government and its war-mongering and profiteering handlers can convince Americans that our shortcomings in war are not the result of our own miscalculations and misconceptions, but of "traitors" amongst us, they will be able to continue waging wars against innocent peoples everywhere. This is why the battle for truth here in the states supercedes any and all battles around the globe!


Terrorist Detainees Manchurian Candidates?

Much ado has been made, and rightfully so, about the civil rights violations of people that are currently being held without charge and/or legal counsel in prisons like Guantanamo and Abu Graib. The United States is violating the Geneva Conventions in their treatment of these prisoners, many of whom are undoubtedly innocent people. Another thought occurred to me regarding this situation.

Could it be that all of these prisoners are being "groomed" to be our next generations' crop of terrorists? Is the CIA experimenting on these prisoners, trying to find the correct psychological mind-altering recipe to churn out a massive crop of Manchurian candidates? For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term "Manchurian candidate", this is someone who is hypnotized and programmed to respond to certain inputs that make him commit acts, such as assassinations, for his handlers. If anyone out there finds this farfetched, just take a quick look at the Robert Kennedy assassination and Sirhan Sirhan, who was diagnosed as being in the top .1% of hypnotizable subjects in the world and according to some witnesses to this assassination, apparently in a trancelike state as he emptied a pistol in Kennedy's direction.

It took four large men to get the gun out of Sirhan's hand! George Plimpton, one of the four men, stated later that Sirhan had a contented and peaceful look in his eyes. Sirhan himself does not remember firing at Kennedy. His last memory before being wrestled by four men was a lady asking him if he wanted cream and sugar in his coffee earlier in the evening. ( Right before he started shooting he was seen talking to a young lady in a polka dot dress. This lady disappeared after the shooting finished and an all-points bulletin for her and another man was inexplicably cancelled by LAPD right after it was issued!

I would not put it past the Bush administration and its clique of war profiteers to be "training" a whole new flock of terrorists to keep the justification for the war on terror in place for years to come! The scary thing about this is even Sirhan, after 35 years in prison, has still not had the lock to his memory "picked" by hypnotists to see if in fact he was programmed by someone to kill. The main reason for this has been interference by officials who will not allow this to happen. If someone is doing this to current "terrorist" detainees in war on terror prisons, we may never know for sure who REALLY is behind any terrorism that they may execute in the future!


Iraqis Need Independence, Not Elections

If insurgent violence is the main argument used to prove that Iraqis cannot take care of their own security, then a simple solution would greatly enhance Iraqi prospects of securing their own country- that would be for the United States and Britain to leave, since 99% of the insurgent violence is directed at them.

This administration would have us believe that the violence is an attempt to stop or curtail Iraqi elections, but that is another lie that can be put next to the others that we have heard these past three years. Insurgent violence is directed at the occupational forces because 1) they are illegally occupying a nation and 2) the occupiers illegally attacked Iraq in March, 2003 and have killed over 100,000 Iraqis to this point.

This casualty figure is on top of the millions of Iraqis who had been slaughtered in the 13 years previous to the second Gulf War, not to mention the massive destruction of Iraq's infrastructure. Add to this the torture, murder, rape and desecration of Iraqi culture and you have a real nice formula for recruiting "terrorists". Insurgent violence has nothing to do with impending elections, as the administration would want Americans to accept this premise so they can show that these "terrorists" cannot stand the thought of democracy.

If Americans were in the place that Iraqis have been in these past 25 years, they would be fighting back right now I am sure. If they weren't, I don't see how they could call themselves Americans! After all that has been done to Iraqis by American forces, do you think for one moment that these people can actually trust us anymore?


Lazy Or Just Stupid?"The first time Marion County's optical-scan machines were used in a general election, but it still took eight weeks to find out who won. “They're far more accurate because you don't have human beings making tallies,” said Doris Anne Sadler, Marion County clerk."

Is this lady serious of just plain stupid? Just how tough would it be for HUMAN committees represented by all competing political parties to count ballots cast in a certain precinct? It can't take that long! Even if the process would take a day or two, whatever tediousness is called for considering the importance of integrity in the results. Are people getting that lazy that computers have to do everything for us? One of these days at the rate we are going there will be a computer chip inserted in people to let them know when to visit the bathroom! Or maybe when to make love? This is getting just ridiculous!

Machines may be technically more accurate than human beings, but they are also open to tampering and cheating, which gives the operators of said machines the opportunity to change vote counts. Anyone who promotes electronic and/or machine voting these days certainly does not have the true meaning of democracy at heart. Our "democracy" has been run over by the "win at all cost" mentality.


Civil War Has Started

With the supercrime just committed by Bush Republican mafia. robbing the American public of their choice of leader, does anyone think for one moment that an American civil war is heating up and heading for a collision? Just stop and think why anyone would subvert the vote, and the answer that I come up with is desperation. If you know you are probably going to lose and you feel it absolutely necessary to win, you will do what it takes to insure victory.

It is without question that the election was stolen from the people. The people who stole this election took advantage of their cozy and profitable relationships with voting machine corporations and media. They also have a divided America to distract and block out their crimes. This divided America is on the boiling point of civil war in the streets, not just the minds. Funny thing is, if and when people start getting shot at, they probably won't even realize that they are acting on delusions that the government has planted in their heads.

Delusions that we were attacked by a foreign entity on September 11, 2001
Delusions that our very well-being depends on slaughtering innocent people on the other side of the planet.
Delusions that the person who disagrees with you and the government line is an enemy non-combatant.
Delusions that our leaders are there for the good of us Americans.
Delusions that Americans are the good guys.
Delusions that to always be afraid is to survive in this world.

There might be a civil war in the streets, but it will be nothing more than a cock fight for the rich and powerful. The winners of the peasant war will probably then sell their souls to the world's landlords. If and when those landlords want a letting of blood on American streets, they can get it. With the media in their hands, the perceptions of Americans are also in their hands. This is why Republicans and Democrats and all political parties have to try to come together as one and hammer out solutions to the most pressing problems that we face today. This shouldn't be done once every four years, but everyday 24/7! By the lack of dialogue between people we can only drift further apart until that time comes when we take up arms against each other simply because we haven't had an open dialogue.

Yes . . . the civil war never really stopped in this nation. Slavery and racism and discrimination have always been prevalent in this society. Rich have battled poor. Whites have battled blacks . . . and on and on. When will open honest dialogue, a prerequisite to any true democracy, replace the bigotry, ignornace and hate that keeps us all in a perpetual state of war?


Ignorance and Awareness In Polls

Current polls indicate about 56% of Americans think the Iraq war was not worth it. A more revealing poll should be taken to ascertain what percentage of people who think the Iraq war WAS worth it get their news off of the internet instead of the mainstream media. In fact, every percentage of every poll that reflects on American's attitudes and opinions concerning our government's policies and performances should be further queried thus- how many people on each side of the respondents' replies get their information from either mainstream media or the internet or whatever source is available to them(libraries, books, etc).

I would wage a bet that the totals would indicate the following-(some hypothetical examples)

Approve Bush policies and performances- a large majority of this group gets their news from mainstream media sources.
Disapprove Bush policies and performances- a large majority of this group gets their news from other sources.
Believe the government's version of 911- very large majority gets their news from mainstream media.
Does not believe government's version of 911- very large majority gets their news from other sources.

In short, those people NOT reliant on or duped by mainstream media propaganda, espousing the government's line in everything, are alot more aware and in a better position to make an INFORMED opinion when polled. Polling respondents on WHERE they get their news would reveal a gaping disparity between mainstream media users and alternative news users on each side of the poll's answers. It would add further light, also, on how polls taken in the United States are hampered by massive ignorance and misinformation about the issues.


Now Who's The Terrorist?

Tony Blair, visiting Baghdad today, reacted to the attack of a US military mess hall in Mosul, which killed 24 people-

"The attack came the same day that British Prime Minister Tony Blair made a surprise visit to Baghdad and described the ongoing violence in Iraq as a "battle between democracy and terror.""

I suppose just about any nation that gets treated like Iraq has by the United States and Britain these past 14-15 years is going to be a great recruiting haven for "terrorists". It is funny how when the United States is attacked(even though 911 is a gigantic scam!) and responds with violence it is "retaliation". However, when Iraq is savagely attacked and the people respond, it is "terrorism". I really would like to see a poll to get an idea how Americans would respond to an occupying power that had killed over 100,000 civilians and raped and/or plundered those that survived. I think such a poll would show that many Americans WOULD take up arms to fight the occupier! This is not to condone violence, but it sure puts things in a better and more understandable perspective. If you open the door to violence, expect to pay the price!


Iraq Elections A Crock

The Bush administration treats the Iraq insurgency issue with the premise that insurgent attacks are meant to disrupt and cancel Iraqi elections scheduled for late January. This plays right into their stated reason for attacking Iraq in the first place, aside from all the other lies that were put before the American public, that we are there to overthrow a brutal tyrant and bring freedom and democracy to Iraq. As our own elections have attested to the past four years- "democracy" is just a word that carries admirable overtones to Americans, but the reality of real verified democracy is no where to be found. Voter suppression and fraud have become commonplace.

Does this administration and do Americans actually believe that Iraqis are concerned about national elections after all they have been put through these past 14 years? In fact, we can go back 24 years and include the Iran-Iraq War which was fueled and encouraged by United States support and arming of Iraq, killing millions of Iraqis and Iranians in the process. This was followed by Gulf War 1, then 13 years of brutal and murderous illegal sanctions against Iraq, and finally the March 2003 unjustified attack on Iraq which has led to over 100,000 more deaths and left the nation in a virtual shambles.

The Iraqi people are mostly aware of the duplicitous nature of American leaders and the empty promises of democracy that they offer. They know that Iraq, after any elections, will NOT be transformed into a nation ruled by one of their own with their interests foremost in mind. Any elected official will have to pass US inspection, meaning that ONLY a US puppet will be emplaced to "rule" the Iraqi people. What is the difference between this and occupation? I really don't know.

Using the now-accepted line that insurgent violence is trying to derail the "democratic" process of an Iraqi election in late January is only a smoke screen to hide the fact that most, if not all Iraqis, do NOT want the United States and its allies running their affairs, stealing their oil and killing, imprisoning and maiming them by the thousands. All they want is some security for their families, a job and a leader who can protect THEIR interests, not the interests of occupational forces. Dangling elections in front of the world as a central issue to the violence that we now see in Iraq is a cruel hoax. These elections will not be representative of Iraqis, and if they even had a chance to be, they will be manipulated in much the same way that our own elections have been, to the benefit of Bush's rich corporate backers!

How can Iraqis trust Americans to bring them fair elections after all they have suffered through by American hands? I don't see how they can!


TWA 800 Question

There have been so many different versions of TWA Flight 800 exploding off of Long Island eight years ago that they all seem to be distracting from another angle that has never gotten any consideration- a deliberate hit. This tragedy took place right before the Atlanta Olympics and could have been meant as a sour apple from Arabs to the rest of the world before their Olympic get-together. The campaign to frame and smear Arabs seems to be a 24/7 venture, not just a now and then thing. The planning for these events is what takes up the time in between the events.

On the night of the TWA800 tragedy, the Navy was testing a multi-billion dollar defense system off of the coast of Long Island. It is peculiar indeed that on 911 Dick Cheney was "testing" software for air defenses over the Eastern seaboard. I have a strong theory about events that occur among professional crooks- there is hardly such a thing as an unplanned event. If software "conveniently" malfunctions for those who use it for "terrorism", then obviously that failure is intentional. If it can be written into programs without knowledge of the users of the programs, then the fault gets laid at the users doorstep, not the programmer. This arrangement opens up the gates of blackmail hell.

When TWA800 went down, the White House was notified immediately that a possible terrorist attack had occured. This must have been the initial impression of witnesses who were interviewed by law enforcement. If you saw a missile dive into the sky and strike down an airliner full of people, your initial impression would probably be one of horror and disgust. If TWA800 WAS an intentional takedown meant to frame on Arabs, the planners probably under-estimeted any military presence in the area that night. With the Naval exercise going on, the place was crawling with platforms. The problem with this is how do you spin a story that some terrorists fired a shoulder missile to bring down an airliner and escaped undetected by massive military electronic intelligence presence.

Oklahoma City went bad for the planners also. Anytime a white guy gets blamed for these "terrorist" events you know something went wrong, because you can bet your ass that Arabs were meant to be framed. So if my conjecture here is actually true- someone allowed the takedown of TWA800(or whatever plane was eleigible as a glitch target), actually set it up, for the purpose of maximum effect of smearing the Arab world right before the Atlanta Olympics.


Bush Mental Blockage

President Bush, seen by many as being mentally limited in his job, may actually be just that, but not in the way that he may be popularly made fun of(denseness). If one takes the time to study images of Bush's face in various settings, there seems to emerges a constant theme in his countenance. He IS mentally limited, but only in the sense that he has an emotional blockage in his personality, not an intellectual one.

This emotional blockage deters President Bush's better instincts as he assumes the role of a crusading leader, using this role to hide from what he is afraid to face in himself. You see, George W. Bush was groomed to be a President from the moment he was born. His upper-class environment in growing up undoubtedly put enormous pressures on him as the wild and free 60's unfolded across the land. The temptations for young people in those days were varied and plentiful- sex, drugs, rock and roll. Young George had to tow the line of a rich uppity Ivy League crowd, far removed from Haight-Ashbury and rock and roll heartland.

President Bush has an inner conflict between what he knows is really right and what he knows is expected from him from his rich backers. Of course, it would be suicide for him at this point to just tell the rich people to go fuck themselves- we are going to have a 50 year party here in the states- no wars, only peace and a million summers of '67! I really feel that W is a real party animal, and he should know that the common man, us American peasants, know how to party better than anyone. Why is he wasting his time trying to please the rich assholes that have made his life a living nightmare?

Doesn't he realize that he can assume a place in history as a HERO if he would just for once take a stand for the common man American against his rich powerful ruthless heartless greedy backers and handlers? In fact, W can probably stand up to these assholes and get away with his life, since his dad is none other than one of the main mafiosos in the intelligence/industrial/military clique. They would just put out a story that poor George had some illness, maybe anthrax poisoning, and he just went bonkers. What a shame! No problem, we always wanted Cheney as President anyway. Might as well let the nation know who REALLY was president, huh?

George W Bush, if you are reading this e-mail right now, please chill out and start thinking for yourself, and as a real president, not some lackey front man for the rich greedy plantation owners in the dark. You DO have a sparkling personality, but it is being used for evil purposes, and you KNOW it. If you don't do something drastic, like firing Rice, Rumsfeld and all of the neo-cons in one night, at least you can gradually make little changes that might affect the tide turning in the favor of your most humble servant Americans once again. For that we would be so grateful and appreciative!

Yours sincerely,
A fellow American


Troop "Support"

Well, I guess it was just another day at the office for Americans Sunday as far as supporting their troops. They went to football games, got drunk, ate too much afterwards, probably had some sort of half-ass sex, then conked off to get ready for another week of material existence in this most cesspool of materialistic societies. Some of us probably got reminded of the troops in some way during our Sunday adventures in the American way of life. In some perverse way, our troop "support" is getting to look alot like religion- something that we pay reverence to now and then for cleansing our guilty souls.

When I see people smiling and having a good time it is such a stark contrast to the suffering that I know exists for our troops and the people that they keep in terror. Americans just are not aware for the most part what our ignorance and complacency is costing the rest of the world. It may be easy for most people to cast aside whatever doubts they have about mass murdering innocent civilians of an "inferior" culture, but deep down inside there is that absolute knowledge that murder of any kind is wrong and must be stopped by giving our own lives if need be.

We are kept under an American dome of partying, corruption, ignorance, materialism, immorality, fear- anything that deters the human mind from observing the obvious. If we really want to support our troops in Iraq and elsewhere, we have to strip off this dome piece by piece so we can address the reality of the situation and how our troops would be best deployed. But all of this is theoretical mumbo-jumbo commie pinko terrorist talk to most good ol' boy Americans. To them, we have to show the world just how manly and macho we are by attacking and threatening any nation that we can attack and get away with it. It has to be a guaranteed victory for Americans, not a victory based on a feeling that regardless of the outcome, we MUST fight for survival. There is a big difference there, I believe.

Meanwhile, the point of our military spear, those troops that face the brunt of other nations' wrath on the front lines, gets our support by keeping the illegal body of the spear intact, continually able to thrust that point into violent battle! Looking at it this way, which to me is a quite realistic way, not a liberal of conservative way, it would appear that the antiwar movement would actually be of greater support to our troops, by keeping them out of situations where the dangers could have been easily avoided if only the public had been given the truth about the situation. I say this to all of you dumb ass flag-waving morons tonight . . . the best way to support your troops is to demand the truth from the lying pack of liars that rule us by all of the things mentioned above. Would you let your daughter go out with a convicted rapist? Of course not. We have to know that our children are not being abused for military conquest purposes. Murder is just as bad as rape!


Mossad In America?

One of your readers asked why Mossad agents are roaming around in the United States. The answer is quite simple- Israel and Israeli interests have all but taken over the United States government. This has been done over a long period of time and out of the public's view. When you stop and consider the Jewish/Zionist ownership of most of our major media outlets, it is easy to see how our nation has been subverted by a foreign power without the vast majority of Americans having even a slight clue! The next thing to look at is the powerful influence of the AIPAC and JINSA lobbies, which can make or break a political candidate based on their towing or not towing the Israeli line.

Our government and our leaders have been badly compromised in all this. It is almost as if our leaders, and particularly the Bushes and their corporate/intelligence clique, are being blackmailed by Israelis. This makes sense to me in the sense that anyone who does research on the Bush family can certainly dig up mountains of dirty laundry that could put a quick end to Bushonian politics if the majority of Americans were privy to it. The Zionist-controlled media could bring the Bushes down in a New York minute with this explosive information!

The truth about Israeli spying and undue political influence is also being kept hidden from the public. If an when enough Americans become aware that their government has been stolen and their kids are dying for the greedy interests of an ungrateful nation, Israel, I am sure there will be heads rolling in the streets. Right now there is a power play going on between our highest law enforcement agency, the FBI, and Israeli interests that want the extent of Israeli spying and subterfuge kept out of the courts and public domain.

One more scary thought in all of this- Is the FBI being set up with the AIPAC spying scandal? Just like the CIA was set up with 911, being blamed for incompetence and/or lack of organization, when all of us informed citizens KNOW who was really behind it, so the FBI could be in a similar position right now to be set up to take a fall, thus justifying a housecleaning, similar to what is happening to our intelligence agencies. Where is J. Edgar when you need him, huh? Oh, that's right, Hoover had his own closet of private secrets- the master blackmailer was himself in a position to be blackmailed. To blackmail or to be blackmailed- this seems to be the main question in the power corridors of Washington DC nowadays!


Intelligence Overhaul

Why do we need an intelligence overhaul? If the thing ain't broke, why fix it, as they say. Bush/Rove and their kill-at-least-two-birds-with-every-stone strategy works again, the ruthless power of Christianity washes over every hurdle for these christozombies. The lifelong servants of the CIA, so long protectors of this great nation, are being given their gold watches and a quick boot out the door. Is this any way to treat our protectors?

Well . . . I suppose it is when those protectors have been trying to wage a campaign of exposure towards this president since day one. You see, the CIA is just as corruptible as other government agencies are. It has its honorable layer of employees as well as its corrupted. Those honorable layers of employees are being pushed out, vamoose . . . and replaced with Bush's latest version of the American SS.

Two birds with one stone . . . CIA is overhauled to Bush's advantage and is made to look incompetent at the same time, further distancing Bush and Co. from guilt in the 911 attacks. Bobby Fischer where are you? I KNOW you can beat Rove at chess!


Vote Fraud Observation

As I read about the mounting cases of vote fraud from around the nation, there seems to be a pattern emerging as if there was a concerted campaign to disrupt the elections in favor of George Bush. Dick Tuck, the famous political prankster of yesteryear, seems to have come back as a ghost with powers infinitely greater than when he was still alive. You see . . . these frat-like Skull and Bones-like "pranks" are nothing more than a total disregard for the interests of people. It is almost a rite of passage into the growing cult that we may call the Bush War Party. I recall reading about the growing power of youth in Germany who were taught military discipline and "street-wise" politics by the Nazi Party.

This hooliganism spread like fire as German laws were unable to stop it. It was used as a terrorist arm by the Nazi Party to acquire total control over Germany, being able to wage war at will. As far as our massive litany of "apparent" vote fraud goes, it may seem like a quite nerdish thing to do- to hack computers to steal votes- but I guarantee you this: the driving force of the voter suppression operation comes from the deepest darkest bowels of the fascist movement in the world today. It is picking up steam too. The worst crime that we can imagine of a government is for it to steal the people's vote to stay in power. This is the total antithesis of democracy.

People . . . take a look at Iraq and the savage brutality that our government has committed there. Would you rather have your vote stolen or have your family torn apart by daisy cutter bombs? If we do not stop the aggressions of this government, supposedly ours, it will eventually be directed at us. You may think that vote fraud is tolerable only because no one really gets hurt, but if the forces that carry out these crimes are not exposed and prosecuted, there is nothing they will stop at!


Even If Bush Did Win . . .

Even if George Bush DID win the election by getting more votes, he won it by using deception, lies and scare tactics, three things that certainly have no place in a real democracy. We certainly have a voting system crisis in this land, but the biggest crisis that faces Americans is the crisis of ignorance that grips this nation. Imagine if you will a lynch mob which is in the process of hanging someone for something he didn't do. A lynch mob always has a leader that eggs the crowd on without any real consideration of the facts as to whether the person to be lynched is innocent or guilty.

What it takes to get a lynch mob going is usually just hatred(anger) and ignorance(or fear). Sound familiar? This is exactly the same method that the Bush administration uses every day in its dealings with the American public. Someone always seems to be on the defensive from the American "lynch mob", whether it be Iraqi insurgents, Taliban, gay couples, Hugo Chavez, Osama Bin Laden . . . it is a never-ending litany of trumped-up charges that emanate from the White House. As long as this administration can keep the lynch mob active like this, they can retain a guaranteed base of support from people who are either afraid, ignorant, hateful, angry or a combination of these traits.

Even with a FAIR voting system, the uses of deception and dis-information are still big problems that need be addressed. Many Americans have lived in this lynch mob atmosphere so long now that they are brainwashed to perceive the world as always being inhabited by someone who is threatening them and their rights. In a peaceful world, the real threats that we face would be dealt with in an international manner, cooperating with intelligence and law enforcement agencies from around the world. When a nation takes it upon itself to deal with "threats", it can only mean that there is something that that nation has to hide. Unilaterlism displays an open disregard for the rights and views of other nations.

Those people who would scrap the idea of the United Nations show no respect for the rest of the world. In a civilized world, diplomacy MUST always take precedence over war. Leaving other nations out of the equation of American security only demonstrates a blind arrogance, a racism if you will. The Bush administration, like other administrations before them, displays a sort of unilateralism towards the American public too. By not letting the public see the real facts and truth of its policies and actions around the world and here in the states, it is leaving Americans out of the equation of our foreign and domestic policies.

One has to only consider Henry Kissinger's attitude towards the Chilean elections in the early 70's that put Salvadore Allende in power. Kissinger stated that elections of such magnitude and importance to US national security were best NOT left up to the people of Chile to decide. This is paraphrasing Kissinger. As we all know, Allende's government was overthrown in a CIA-instigated plot and replaced by a ruthless military dictatorship that executed thousands of political opponents. This type of arrogant attitude apparently has come home to roost in the good ol' USA!


More Rumsfeld BS

From Yahoo News:
"Rumsfeld told a Pentagon news conference last Tuesday that the kinds and amount of weapons found in Fallujah indicated the insurgents pose a serious and continuing threat."

Someone should tell this dolthead and all of his Bush administration doltheads that these weapons would NOT be a threat if the United States would get out of Iraq and let the Iraqis take care of their own affairs. And while they're at it, they should add that US weapons are far more deadly than insurgent weapons as evidenced by the 100,000 plus Iraqis who have been slaughtered since the Iraq rape began. Does anyone in this perverted administration realize that the more you attack a nation defending itself the more deaths you can expect on your side? Do these idiots for one moment think that United States citizens would NOT arm themselves to the teeth if they were attacked by another nation?

I would also like to know just WHO the insurgents pose a threat to. I am sure the greatest concern as far as the "insurgents" go is their ability to curtail the flow of oil out of Iraq. As long as the oil continues to flow, the Iraqi people can go to hell as far as this government is concerned. Look at what is happening right here in the good ol' USA- people losing jobs left and right, elections stolen by crooked vote companies, health insurance becoming harder to get everyday. the media spinning lies at an unprecedented rate to cover up the crimes of this administration- and Americans are foolish enough to think that our leaders CARE about a nation that we have already savagely mauled?

The coming elections are just a show to try and reassure the world that democracy is alive and well in Iraq, but unfortunately American democracy has already been shown to be a sham as witnessed by our own elections of 2000 and the recent November 2 ones. The problem with this nation is that the American people never get to see the other side of the story, the side of the peoples or nation that we are attacking. This is like someone going to trial and just prosecuting attorneys being present without defense counsel. How can this nation consider itself a democracy and a fair nation when we always get just one side of the story. Rumsfeld and Co. are the biggest pack of liars to ever occupy the White House. Joseph Goebbels would be so proud of them!


American Cities Flattened?

I suppose Americans would be thrilled if a foreign nation attacked and flattened their cities, killing everything in sight. Of course, here in America we understand the concept of freeing a nation by destroying it, so our advanced sense of warfare technique would allow us to tolerate the destruction of our cities. We would know that it is for the over-all and long-term good. Iraqis who are upset and enraged over the destruction of Fallujah are just not up-to-date yet on the modern means of liberation.

Americans would just love to see cities like New York and Boston and Coral Gables flattened if it meant cleaning out the "terrorists" among us. I am amazed at how ungrateful these Iraqis are that we are doling out gigantic taxes to pay for the bombs that are accomplishing this cleansing process for them. This is only going to make the job that much harder as next we will have to destroy towns that aren't grateful for our destruction of their lives.

Sooner or later the Iraqi people will see the light and accept the maxim that to destroy and wage war is honorable and that peace is for the weak and degenarate parasites of society. Who knows . . . maybe 100 years down the road Iraqi future generations will be in a postion to do the same thing to future generations of Americans. Just think, it will be like some cultural exchange program! How wonderful war is!


Voting Commission Morons

From Script-Howard News Service November 23-
"The four members of the new U.S. Election Assistance Commission met Tuesday to compare horror stories while acting as federal observers in the Nov. 2 election. America is lucky that President Bush was re-elected by a 3 million-vote margin, they said, or the nation would again be wracked by election uncertainty.

"The margin was enough that the glitches were not important," concluded commission Chairman DeForest Soaries. "The bad news is, we still don't live up to the expectations that democracy demands.""

Are you kidding me? America is "lucky" that President Bush won by three million votes? Doesn't this Commission realize that vote fruad might be the REASON Bush won by three million votes? Besides, the electoral vote is the all-important tally and it would not take three million votes in state elections to swing the electoral votes Bush's way. These doltheads are actually on a Voting Commission? And they have the audacity to say that "glitches" are not important? The issue should be HOW MANY "glitches", not just that there WERE "glitches".

God help us!

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